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2017-11-09 02:37:05 UTC  

"Cold war" competition only breeds healthy competion.

Online bitching only perpetuates net-nazi "activism".

2017-11-09 02:37:28 UTC  

I don't get why we go after people who are close-ish to our views

2017-11-09 02:37:36 UTC  

That's why the russian whites failed

2017-11-09 02:37:39 UTC  

they shot each other

2017-11-09 02:38:17 UTC  

Bitching about someone in the movement isn't helping the movement

2017-11-09 02:38:34 UTC  

I can understand people's natural competition...I don't understand unhealthy "knitting-circles".

2017-11-09 02:39:00 UTC  

gossiping and bitching

2017-11-09 02:39:20 UTC  

I'm on a few orthodox-NS servers that are like that; they only bitch about other people from behind computer screens

2017-11-09 02:39:23 UTC  

Competition breeds true healthy competition. Baseless bitching breeds complacency.

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2017-11-09 02:39:38 UTC  

What he said

2017-11-09 02:39:55 UTC  


Are you Orthodox Christian?

2017-11-09 02:40:40 UTC  

I didn't know if u meant "little o" orthodox, or "big O" Orthodox...

2017-11-09 02:41:19 UTC  

Damn, I got a nigger mayor(who knew)

2017-11-09 02:42:34 UTC  

fyi, I am Orthodox, but I respect orthodoxy.

2017-11-09 02:43:37 UTC  

@John Mosby Little o. I'm catholic. I'm just talking guys who live and breathe Esoteric Hitlerism

2017-11-09 02:43:51 UTC  

I respect my RC brothers.

2017-11-09 02:44:02 UTC  

I'm esoteric Heimbach

2017-11-09 02:44:15 UTC  

I've thought about becoming Greek Catholic because the services seem nicer.

2017-11-09 02:44:21 UTC  

I'm an Esoteric Steven Paddockist

2017-11-09 02:44:34 UTC  

Life is nothing more than Call of Duty IRL

2017-11-09 02:44:57 UTC  

I am an Esoteric Timothy McVeighist

2017-11-09 02:45:14 UTC  

shoutout to my niggas in Identity Evropa

2017-11-09 02:45:16 UTC  

no you fuckin not you buddhist

2017-11-09 02:45:31 UTC  

I don't mind IE members, but Nathan Damingo is one of the few people who I dislike

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I am Charles Coughlin RC, but Theologically Orthodox.

2017-11-09 02:45:48 UTC  

Charles Coughlin was based.

2017-11-09 02:46:07 UTC  

Huey Long was too, but he was a protestant

2017-11-09 02:46:57 UTC  

I hate Proddie theology...I can respect it, to a degree, cuz I was raised Missouri Synod Lutheran.

2017-11-09 02:47:14 UTC  

I dislike going to Protestant churches

2017-11-09 02:47:28 UTC  

Protestantism doesn't feel refined enough; feels dumbed down

2017-11-09 02:47:49 UTC  

Not as esoteric or with enough of the mysteries of faith

2017-11-09 02:47:56 UTC  

@John Mosby How'd you make the switch?

2017-11-09 02:48:48 UTC  

Lutherans believe in the Saints, but it is essentially disavowed it on an official level.

I made the switch because I believe in Ancestor "Worship", which even "High Church" Protestantism essentially disavows.

2017-11-09 02:49:46 UTC  

I believe in the "two story universe", which Proddies disavow.

2017-11-09 02:50:29 UTC  

Whereas we RC's just had the Triduum of Allhallowtide - prayers to all the saints, prayers for the dead, the whole nine yards

2017-11-09 02:50:50 UTC  

@Matt ✠

We believe the same.

2017-11-09 02:51:09 UTC  

The Orthodox and Catholic Churches would be best united

2017-11-09 02:51:21 UTC  

I am an Orthodox outcast, because I know RCs maintained the Church, before the Great Schism

2017-11-09 02:51:41 UTC  

Something I found interesting. The "pagan" aspect of the veil being thin around this time is supported by the fact that prayers for the dead are especially effective during these three days

2017-11-09 02:52:35 UTC  

Our Saints went to the Pagans, and spent years learning their culture and traditions, before they went out and started proselytizing.