Message from BlackWulf in tradworker #tradworker

2017-07-21 05:16:25 UTC  

We look like faggots if EVERYONE is like that

2017-07-21 05:16:32 UTC  

Were you the one that gave the GTFO announcement to the press?

2017-07-21 05:16:45 UTC  

Yeah, me and another guy lol

2017-07-21 05:16:54 UTC  

I had a good chuckle at that

2017-07-21 05:16:59 UTC  

Thats what I was meaning, if it's just security decked out it's fine but if everyone and their dog is it looks a little silly

2017-07-21 05:17:14 UTC  

Yeah, yeah and if you want to do security. Let us know.

2017-07-21 05:17:39 UTC  

Haha I'm not sure if I'm really cut out for that

2017-07-21 05:17:52 UTC  

Ill be doing security in some form or another at various times for various ppl at cville 2.0

2017-07-21 05:17:55 UTC  

Ain't gotta do it, but if you wish to.

2017-07-21 05:17:57 UTC  

Let us know.

2017-07-21 05:18:36 UTC  

Other than that ill stick to the front lines. We need experienced physically large fighters to head off people like BAMN as much as possible

2017-07-21 05:18:39 UTC  

If you want to do security, PM me.

2017-07-21 05:18:47 UTC  

Oh dude BAMN's leader

2017-07-21 05:18:49 UTC  

got arrested

2017-07-21 05:18:52 UTC  

on 3 felonies

2017-07-21 05:19:01 UTC  

Yeah bout Damn time

2017-07-21 05:19:02 UTC  

thats terrific

2017-07-21 05:19:07 UTC  

Only the most open and shut case

2017-07-21 05:19:09 UTC  

Wasn't it some spicette professor?

2017-07-21 05:19:17 UTC  

She is filmed on video confessing to felonies ffs

2017-07-21 05:19:25 UTC  

no a wasted asian

2017-07-21 05:19:40 UTC  

She is a phillipino

2017-07-21 05:19:46 UTC  

oh even worse

2017-07-21 05:19:46 UTC  

She's a Phillipino leftist.

2017-07-21 05:19:48 UTC  

The niggers of asia

2017-07-21 05:20:03 UTC  

I thoguht that was brazil

2017-07-21 05:20:16 UTC  

Brazil is south america

2017-07-21 05:20:26 UTC  

We should contact Rodrigo Duterte about her ass lmao

2017-07-21 05:20:38 UTC  

And Tbh I don't hate Brazilians nearly as much as most spics

2017-07-21 05:21:16 UTC  

Brazilians along with hawaiians I don't hate most of them I just dont want them in my nation.

2017-07-21 05:21:19 UTC  

Brazil is such a fucking meme of a country

2017-07-21 05:21:26 UTC  

Mexicans on the other hand I hate

2017-07-21 05:21:43 UTC  

Same for guats

2017-07-21 05:23:25 UTC  

Also, antifa is going to smell like shit.

2017-07-21 05:23:28 UTC  

Letting everyone know.

2017-07-21 05:23:31 UTC  


2017-07-21 05:23:48 UTC  

May want to wear an air freshener necklace

2017-07-21 05:24:05 UTC  

ZOG is just going to use scented warfare lmfao

2017-07-21 05:24:36 UTC  

In one sense it's chemical warfare, so is that against international laws then?

2017-07-21 05:28:32 UTC  

>Laws of warfare

Pick one

2017-07-21 05:56:41 UTC  

I've been gassed before lol remember just to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth