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2017-07-15 20:52:24 UTC

2017-07-15 20:57:54 UTC  

Around this time I weighed about 225 and I benched 225x12.

2017-07-15 20:58:48 UTC  

Kombat what country are you in. I am guessing Norway or Denmark

2017-07-15 20:59:19 UTC  

Nah, Finland.

2017-07-15 20:59:32 UTC  

Also nice pic 😄

2017-07-15 21:00:00 UTC  

Improved a lot since?

2017-07-15 21:00:38 UTC  

Nah I have an injury I am healing up now. Haven't lifted solidly for about a year and a half. Right now I'm about 200 lbs

2017-07-15 21:00:50 UTC  

Due to start lifting again in about a week

2017-07-15 21:01:44 UTC  

By the time for charlottesville I will have that much muscle or more again. Got a great training plan and supplement stack

2017-07-15 21:02:18 UTC  

My biggest was when I weighed 245 and benched 350

2017-07-15 21:04:39 UTC  

That's absolutely great man, been hospitalized a few times, it really, really sucks ass when you can't do sports as you would like to. Had a busted knee for a few months, but as we had rock climbing with comrades, I couldn't pass that up, I just absolutely love that, just soldiered on and it went pretty fine, slipped and cut my leg on some sharp rocks but very minor.

2017-07-15 21:04:55 UTC  

😔 ✋🏻 Best of luck to you with lifting and events man

2017-07-15 21:05:28 UTC  

Thanks. How old are you?

2017-07-15 21:05:37 UTC  

23. You?

2017-07-15 21:05:39 UTC  

I've known a few finns over the internet.

2017-07-15 21:05:41 UTC  


2017-07-15 21:05:53 UTC  

Do you know someone named Alex lindgren?

2017-07-15 21:06:14 UTC  

Yeah, we're like the jews of the internet, grossly overrepresented.

2017-07-15 21:06:17 UTC  

Is he NRM?

2017-07-15 21:06:24 UTC  

He is half ukranian half Finnish and lives in Sweden

2017-07-15 21:06:31 UTC  

He is about 17 or 18

2017-07-15 21:06:56 UTC  

Hmmm...can't imagine where I'd know him from.

2017-07-15 21:08:13 UTC  

What does he do?

2017-07-15 21:37:22 UTC  

What could I do to shed fat before Cville?

2017-07-15 21:37:30 UTC  

I have mostly a mean gut.

2017-07-15 21:37:43 UTC  

6'1 but like 260, unacceptable.

2017-07-15 21:37:57 UTC  

The Ketogenic diet. I lost 20 lbs in two months.

2017-07-15 21:38:14 UTC  

You feel great on it too.

2017-07-15 21:38:16 UTC  

What is it basically?

2017-07-15 21:38:30 UTC  

No carbs?

2017-07-15 21:39:11 UTC  

High fat, moderate protein, and roughly 20-50 grams of net carbs.

2017-07-15 21:44:47 UTC  

DM me Colton and we can work on it.

2017-07-15 21:45:26 UTC  

My friend Alex lives in northern Sweden and they literally put grown Somali men in his middle school

2017-07-15 21:45:40 UTC  

He has fought them when they tried to grope his classmates

2017-07-15 21:46:09 UTC  

He is already like 6ft2 and 160 lbs so he outsizes the Somali rats along with many of his friends

2017-07-15 21:46:21 UTC  

Northern swedes seem pretty based

2017-07-15 21:46:46 UTC  

Yeah a lot of Finns and half-Finns there.

2017-07-15 21:47:20 UTC  

A lot of more rural old school swedes too

2017-07-15 21:47:27 UTC  

But unless he's politically active I doubt I know him. Bully him to join NRM.

2017-07-15 21:47:38 UTC  

The carolus rex kind. Not the numale kind

2017-07-15 21:47:48 UTC  

Yeah, the same thing everywhere, capital cities, especially port cities are totally POZ'd and need to be nuked.