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2018-08-12 20:14:30 UTC  

@Julian The actual Op is called eloise and plays hearthstone. I've been in the wsg thread when that train wreck happened.

2018-08-12 20:14:55 UTC  

oh shit

2018-08-12 20:14:56 UTC  


2018-08-12 20:15:08 UTC  

got my asian wahmen streamers mixed up

2018-08-12 20:15:32 UTC  

they all sound the same <:downs:355737951918882846>

2018-08-13 03:53:40 UTC  

Dunno. Basically a feels thread on wsg turned into posting her cleaning up her messy appartment over the course of 3weeks. In between thanking the viewers for making her feel less alone, cause no rl friends and stuff. Pretty trainwrecky

2018-08-13 06:13:09 UTC  

>on the bus
>chink taps debit card against transport card sensor
>wonders why it isn't working

truly a world superpower

2018-08-13 06:13:31 UTC  

it works on every other mode of transport besides buses

2018-08-13 06:13:39 UTC  

n1 lad

2018-08-13 09:44:59 UTC  

very normal in Russian metro to pay by tap pay

2018-08-13 09:45:20 UTC  

its small amounts and nobody wants to hand over a small coin each time

2018-08-13 10:05:51 UTC  

Progressive but first world has transportation cards

2018-08-13 10:06:05 UTC  

most places outside the cities inm UK are third world tier in terms of payments

2018-08-13 10:06:06 UTC  

cash only

2018-08-13 10:06:11 UTC  

some demand exact change

2018-08-13 10:06:19 UTC  

london and surrounding areas like reading are fine

2018-08-13 10:06:22 UTC  

all take card

2018-08-13 10:06:37 UTC  

Obviously you wouldn't be able to pay with bank card at a transport card sensor

2018-08-13 10:06:53 UTC  

you can in london

2018-08-13 10:06:57 UTC  

all buses take card

2018-08-13 10:07:01 UTC  

and only card

2018-08-13 10:07:04 UTC  

In one reader?

2018-08-13 10:07:06 UTC  


2018-08-13 10:07:14 UTC  

you can use either transport or credit/debit card

2018-08-13 10:07:24 UTC  

I saw the same thing in poortugal and paris too

2018-08-13 10:07:32 UTC  

That's nice, here they have separate reader for transportation card and separate for debit

2018-08-13 10:07:44 UTC  

it's pretty quick too

2018-08-13 10:07:50 UTC  

takes like a second for the green light

2018-08-13 10:07:56 UTC  

even with cc

2018-08-13 10:09:05 UTC  

surrounding areas are catching up

2018-08-13 10:09:14 UTC  

i think first bus got card now in surrey and berkshire

2018-08-13 11:47:02 UTC  

here in AU you can but not on buses

2018-08-13 11:58:01 UTC  

honestly, transport card was fine

2018-08-13 11:58:49 UTC  

taipei was the same but you could use the transport card to pay in a good number of stores just like a cc

2018-08-13 12:00:58 UTC  

contactless is more convinvent though

2018-08-13 12:01:13 UTC  

and big advantange in london as it lets you ignore the $$ london transport is

2018-08-13 12:01:53 UTC  

That sounds like a great way to milk people out of money actually

2018-08-13 12:02:21 UTC  

contactless is still best yea

2018-08-13 12:04:04 UTC  


2018-08-13 12:04:04 UTC  

What country iS cheap for a college student to travel to?