Message from Bob Oliver in tradworker #tradworker

2017-04-17 22:51:53 UTC  

Plus if we can get intel on where exactly in MIT it was produced we can push to have that area shut down.

2017-04-17 22:52:46 UTC  

I don't live anywhere near there right now and MIT is in the east, I'm in the west

2017-04-17 22:52:58 UTC  

Same. Las Vegas.

2017-04-17 22:53:51 UTC  

Maybe someone on here lives in that area (or knows folks near that area) and can do as I hypothesized.

2017-04-17 22:54:00 UTC  

No way

2017-04-17 22:54:13 UTC  

Yes. Las Vegas, NV.

2017-04-17 22:54:19 UTC  

Me too

2017-04-17 22:54:37 UTC  

Unfortunately I only get to come here on leave

2017-04-17 22:54:37 UTC  

Oh! When should we meet then?

2017-04-17 22:54:44 UTC  


2017-04-17 22:54:55 UTC  

I'm in town until Sunday

2017-04-18 14:51:55 UTC  

Headed down to Alabama for the day

2017-04-18 14:52:15 UTC  

Cool. Good luck.

2017-04-18 14:53:19 UTC  


2017-04-18 14:53:30 UTC  


2017-04-18 14:53:54 UTC  

We have, me, Matt, Scott, Katherine, Gabe and Tony

2017-04-18 15:26:28 UTC  

How is everyone today?

2017-04-18 15:26:45 UTC  

Good. Yourself?

2017-04-18 15:26:51 UTC  

Praying for our contingent rolling in on Auburn today.

2017-04-18 15:26:54 UTC  

Pretty good

2017-04-18 15:26:59 UTC  

Thanks parrot

2017-04-18 15:27:07 UTC  

Parrott *

2017-04-18 15:27:55 UTC  

Tony's rolling with the crew?

2017-04-18 15:28:07 UTC  


2017-04-18 15:28:24 UTC  


2017-04-18 15:29:19 UTC  

Tell them all they need to download and install Discord.

2017-04-18 15:32:20 UTC  

He's downloading now, I sent an invite to him

2017-04-18 15:33:23 UTC  


2017-04-18 15:35:08 UTC  

Is Kris or Gabe on here? I'd ask Gabe, but he's asleep in the back. If not I'll invite them to join.

2017-04-18 15:35:19 UTC  

Oh I forgot Jason's with us too, he's been asleep the whole time

2017-04-18 15:35:51 UTC  

I think Gabe is "Gabe Steele," maybe?

2017-04-18 15:37:00 UTC  

Probably, I'll double check when he wakes up.

2017-04-18 15:37:54 UTC  

Hey Matt Parrott

2017-04-18 15:44:55 UTC  

Good day, sir.

2017-04-18 15:45:23 UTC  

I need everybody to send me as many updates, as much media, and as much shit as possible when it goes down.

2017-04-18 15:45:53 UTC  

I'm going to be on standby and will be working with social media and press contacts to try to get our side of the event out early and hard.

2017-04-18 15:46:25 UTC  

Hopefully it goes peacefully and there's not much to report. That'll be great. Either way, I'll be on standby and I need video.

2017-04-18 15:46:27 UTC  

Hopefully it doesn't go down

2017-04-18 15:46:28 UTC  

But that's why we're here

2017-04-18 15:46:46 UTC  

Short video updates with a face just saying what's going down are especially valuable.

2017-04-18 15:47:09 UTC  

Jason decided to stay home?