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2017-11-09 03:07:05 UTC  

(don't go to it lol()

2017-11-09 03:07:33 UTC  

@☦Colton of Yore☦

Ya, going around with chalk, spreading "red pills".

Got popped for disorderly conduct,.

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2017-11-09 03:07:53 UTC  

Got the charges dropped, but still had to pay 500

2017-11-09 03:07:57 UTC  

What are some common ways to do it?

2017-11-09 03:08:07 UTC  

Or phrases?

2017-11-09 03:08:09 UTC  

I went ham on them...haha

2017-11-09 03:08:29 UTC  

Hit a bunch of feminist statues...

2017-11-09 03:08:34 UTC  

An older one

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Chalking is 100% legal, but they can slap BS charges on u, like what happened to me.

2017-11-09 03:09:55 UTC  

Wheat paste is considered a charge.

Our boys just need to use tape.

2017-11-09 03:11:56 UTC  

I appreciate anyone spreading the word of the Cause. I'm just lending my word of "wisdom"...I've been popped more in 12 years for the Movement than I can count.

I am a stickler for legality, anymore.

2017-11-09 03:12:21 UTC  

Great advice.

2017-11-09 03:13:05 UTC  

That's how we should operate. 100% legality. We are a political Party. It's good to remind myself of that I find.

2017-11-09 03:13:34 UTC  

Even though real elections for us are far off it seems.

2017-11-09 03:14:00 UTC  

But where we are going, no need for them also lol.

2017-11-09 03:14:07 UTC  

We will clench local elections within a year.

We have Knox County on lock...just wait.

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2017-11-09 03:14:40 UTC  

Gotta love Dixie.

2017-11-09 03:14:57 UTC  

I wish I could turn KY TWP lol one day.

2017-11-09 03:15:07 UTC  

Where's the Battle Flag emogi??

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2017-11-09 03:15:30 UTC  

We the real Redneck Revolt!

2017-11-09 03:15:36 UTC  

KY and TN will be the Appalachian ethnostate

2017-11-09 03:15:49 UTC  

I like it.

2017-11-09 03:16:27 UTC  

Just don't worry when TN invades and make KY our limp-wristed bitch...we learn from our mistakes.

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2017-11-09 03:16:52 UTC  

Did KY and TN fight?

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2017-11-09 03:17:09 UTC  

KY never officially seceded.

2017-11-09 03:17:14 UTC  

Oh gay.

2017-11-09 03:17:28 UTC  

We kept y'all on our flag, though.

You're welcome.

2017-11-09 03:17:34 UTC  

Too central/centrist.

2017-11-09 03:17:42 UTC  

Not Southern enough.

2017-11-09 03:18:06 UTC  

KY has it going on.

I'm a TX native.

KY is better off than my home.

2017-11-09 03:18:20 UTC  

Bean invasion?

2017-11-09 03:18:34 UTC  

Yerp...Although Tejanos are based as f.

2017-11-09 03:18:39 UTC  

It's coming here too.

2017-11-09 03:18:59 UTC  

Ridiculous towns like Sebree, so small, overran with muds thanks to Tyson.