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fuck derailing

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Hey guys I'm from the DOD did you know I have a secret clearance, also LMAO let's pay fees lemme collect that money from you goyim

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"(((Great)))" minds think alike

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>tfw grills think they can talk in voice chat with the big dawgs

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Are those parenthsis hugs

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Right, and one can't go armed in public? That's why I think the pepperball guns are stupid, they show clear intent of being leveled against protestors that get violent

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sorry, should i have instead asked what type of gun is best to conceal, is that the only kind of small chat you can make in anticom

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lol demi you getting flustered

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is like the worst thing

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you could do

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@Vermineer wew this is some cancer

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@☆ luka ☆ I mean, it's not BAD small talk

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I am in fact of the Cancer Zodiac

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im just Upset that y'all don't appreciate dogs

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Not to mention differant places have differant legislation in regards to things like pepper spray, batons, stun guns ext. In seattle if you use a stungun and your life isn't in danger its aggravated assault.

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but no one is telling steven to gtfo being Boring as fuck

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And if you can run and you choose to fight its still assault'

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@☆ luka ☆ we were at the beginning. He's said some worthwhile things though

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Michigander legislation is much more lenient

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if we ever get a leader, it should be someone from the military

2017-02-06 00:03:21 UTC  

and Samaritans are allowed to defend others

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or someone charismatic who know their shit

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i mean he may say worthwhile things but i havent seen him particularly interact i'm just seeing constant infodumps about shit that has nothing to do with the current thread of conversation

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military experience means nothing outside of logistics and fitness

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ay yo trex help me swag this kid out

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deployment experience is worth more if they weren't scrubs

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but anyway can someone ban me because this is seriously boring i want to go discuss cats or dogs with owl

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Roger that, boss

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Thanks all!

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@☆ luka ☆ could move to the meme channel.

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haha, divide and conquer, demibird

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@Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe our god returns

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FIXED SYMBOL (previously an unconnected line fucked up the black at the bottom left) @Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe

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@Anticom LR I don't know if I should really mention this... But on the left side it looks like the snek is going through the shield instead of around it

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Top left?