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2017-08-19 15:50:18 UTC  

Someone posted a duterte shirt from there earlier

2017-08-19 15:52:28 UTC  

I bowl AntiFA gets ugly at this alt light rally so the country can see much "Nazis" had nothing to do with CVille

2017-08-19 15:52:52 UTC  

there is like 100 times more leftists this time than the last Boston Rally, nuts...

2017-08-19 15:53:21 UTC  

like a sea of communist zombies

2017-08-19 15:54:17 UTC  

Asked on faceberg why people were protesting the free speech rally and they said it was white nationalist I mentioned a quarter of the people speaking may be jewish and cant be a white nationalist by definition they lost their shit

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2017-08-19 15:59:13 UTC  

There is also a black and a Indian from India and 2 Latinos

2017-08-19 16:03:27 UTC red elephants one keeps going down

2017-08-19 16:07:06 UTC  

Periscope is a shit app

2017-08-19 16:07:14 UTC  

That's likely why

2017-08-19 16:14:57 UTC  

well where there are huge rallies with shit tons of people

2017-08-19 16:15:06 UTC  

data gets all congested as well

2017-08-19 16:15:18 UTC  

seen this many times at rallys all over the US

2017-08-19 16:15:50 UTC  

that and we know the cops and government have tools they can use to fuck with cell service as well

2017-08-19 16:30:55 UTC  

Its boston thencell service is garbage on alot of carreiers

2017-08-19 16:31:04 UTC  

Tmobile is the only good one here

2017-08-19 16:33:23 UTC theres always some retarded hippie with fucking drums

2017-08-19 16:33:26 UTC  

Lol. (((MSM))) said the Alt-Lite group in Boston is an extremist group according to their (((Ex Skinhead)))

2017-08-19 16:34:06 UTC  

Its a wn rally with one white speaker ffs

2017-08-19 16:34:35 UTC  

Is gayvin mcfaggis showing up?

2017-08-19 16:40:48 UTC  

Nah, I'm pretty sure Gavin is all but done anyway. He's gonna fade away like Milo the fag and the tranny Cernovich. Although I hear the tranny Cernovich is gonna try to make a comeback this fall.

2017-08-19 16:47:28 UTC  

Looks like thats the end of buttplug nationalism

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Looks like the left may take today as a win .... being the media is saying the counter protest had 10-15k people and they say less then 100 showed up to the rally to hear the speakers

2017-08-19 17:18:55 UTC  

@Hadrian he left all of his followers at boston

2017-08-19 17:18:58 UTC  

He is not even a man

2017-08-19 17:19:03 UTC  

Also nice work

2017-08-19 17:19:53 UTC  

I'm angry again

2017-08-19 17:21:52 UTC  

Yup there is goes Boston just revoked the permit and kicked the Alt light out before the speakers could speak as the leftists approached

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2017-08-19 17:24:38 UTC

2017-08-19 17:28:02 UTC  

Shernavitch confirmthed bithcht

2017-08-19 17:35:46 UTC  


2017-08-19 17:35:56 UTC  

"(((Muh brand!)))"

2017-08-19 17:36:29 UTC  

Inb4 thernovith becomes antifa

2017-08-19 17:38:20 UTC  

He already is

2017-08-19 17:38:37 UTC  

He is an anti fascist now.

2017-08-19 17:43:38 UTC  

Dvarthfvh thvernavithv

2017-08-19 17:44:12 UTC  

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