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2017-12-24 19:31:07 UTC  

I mean European weapons strictly, no faggy katana/eastern shit

2017-12-24 19:31:39 UTC  

I would think a slav would want to train with the weapon of his ancestors though, the katana

2017-12-24 19:32:51 UTC  

Train with a rifle and a bayonet at most

2017-12-24 19:33:03 UTC  

We arent in mad max senario yet

2017-12-24 19:34:24 UTC  

@VasilistheGreek fuck you I want to ride on a horse with a cavalry sabre for the next Cville

2017-12-24 19:34:34 UTC  

Learning to use a bladed weapon is good, just don't get too larpy with it

2017-12-24 19:34:39 UTC  

But jokes aside, I see your point.

2017-12-24 19:35:11 UTC  

I grew up fighting my friends with large tree branches and shit; would love to learn how to use an actual blade.

2017-12-24 19:35:28 UTC  

I promise I won't show up to rallies in a Crusader outfit

2017-12-24 19:35:34 UTC  

Learning any sort of martial art is good for the body and mind

2017-12-24 19:36:36 UTC  

Look for a HEMA club. Historical European Martial Arts.
Not something I've done personally but it looks fun

2017-12-24 19:36:39 UTC  

but I don't know how likely you are to find a European sword school anywhere

2017-12-24 19:37:28 UTC  

I used to take fencing lessons as a kid but my parents couldn't afford to keep me going 😦

2017-12-24 19:37:38 UTC  

I really enjoyed it though.

2017-12-24 19:37:58 UTC  

IIRC fencing is much more a sport than a practical fighting school

2017-12-24 19:38:07 UTC  

It is, but still quite enjoyable.

2017-12-24 19:38:19 UTC  

I used to do iaijutsu

2017-12-24 19:38:25 UTC  

japanese swordfighting

2017-12-24 19:38:27 UTC  

Dude just l o l

2017-12-24 19:38:38 UTC  

Thank you!

2017-12-24 19:38:42 UTC  
2017-12-24 19:38:58 UTC  

Learn Spec op Knife fighting & Judo

2017-12-24 19:39:08 UTC  

tfw there's literally a longsword training guild within 10 minutes of me, what

2017-12-24 19:39:40 UTC  

Muay thai

2017-12-24 19:39:47 UTC  


2017-12-24 19:39:59 UTC  

First I need to bulk my chest/arms before I start martial arts.

2017-12-24 19:40:40 UTC  

Krav Maga?

2017-12-24 19:41:27 UTC  


2017-12-24 19:41:35 UTC

2017-12-24 19:43:38 UTC  

Jump on 5 × 5 training

2017-12-24 19:48:41 UTC  

If anyone is interested in exploring Christianity, I suggest Orthodoxy or TradCatholicism.

ROCOR, Serbia, and Bulgaria are the best mainstream OC Jurisdictions (just don't go with anything OCA).

If you want RC, then go Sedevacantist or SSPX.

There are some good Proddie churches, but they have no base, nor mass support, as TradCats and TradOrthodox do.

2017-12-24 19:49:04 UTC  

begom ordodox

2017-12-24 19:50:26 UTC  

I'm ROCOR Orthodox, myself. I became Orthodox about 6-7 years ago. I've explored many Jurisdictions, and I think ROCOR and the others I listed are the only practical places for our Folk to go.

2017-12-24 19:51:21 UTC  

My Parish has A LOT of red-pilled folk there. At every trapeza, I hear people bashing Jews.

2017-12-24 19:51:34 UTC  

There is only 2 legitimate forms of Christendom Catholicism( very stressful fam tbh ) & Orthodoxy as suggested above

2017-12-24 19:51:47 UTC  

My Priest gives lectures strictly on the ills of Judaism.

2017-12-24 19:51:52 UTC  


2017-12-24 19:52:22 UTC  

We have also picked up several TWP supporters at my Parish (we also have 3 TWP officers going there).

2017-12-24 19:52:33 UTC  


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