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2018-01-19 21:54:12 UTC  

so they had to figure out how to rebuild the race, so they used the Jewish females to do so

2018-01-19 21:54:37 UTC  

plus by transferring the issue to the females, it allowed the females to hijack Goy genetics

2018-01-19 21:55:23 UTC  

Jesus Christ was a son of David two ways, ONE BECAUSE HE WAS ADOPTED LEGALLY BY JOSEPH and Two because Mary was a Daughter of David

2018-01-19 21:55:47 UTC  

although Mary it is believed her mother was a Levite which is how Jesus was related to John The Baptist

2018-01-19 21:56:02 UTC  

which meant according to the Scripture, Jesus was a descendant of both Aaron and David

2018-01-19 21:57:27 UTC  

why would they want to hijack goy genetics if they hate us

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I don’t consider the modern Jew as anything remotely close to the Israelites

2018-01-19 22:05:48 UTC  

didnt jews already hijack goy genetics in a sense?

2018-01-19 22:06:04 UTC  

they used to be middle eastern now they're half euro half middle eastern.

2018-01-19 22:06:21 UTC  

Yes the Jews were responsible partially for the death of Jesus but that was driven by the ruling Jews

2018-01-19 22:06:30 UTC  

The ppl loved Jesus

2018-01-19 22:06:59 UTC  

Those damn oven dodgers killed Jesus!

2018-01-19 22:07:12 UTC  

All because he went after the bankers...

2018-01-19 22:07:12 UTC  

But as a whole they ended up denied of Christ

2018-01-19 22:07:47 UTC  

Yeah he went after the elite ruling class of Jew

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I couldn't get Chuck Schuldiner's custom guitar but I can get a cheaper Jackson version. Hail Death. Literally.

2018-01-19 22:12:09 UTC  

Jackson Warrior?

2018-01-19 22:12:23 UTC  

Death rules. RIP Chuck.

2018-01-19 22:18:07 UTC  

Either way, you can’t go wrong with a Jackson. For metal.

2018-01-19 22:18:34 UTC  

Run it through a Marshall

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>can only afford the Line6

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Anyone around Louisville want to go to Knoxville?

2018-01-19 23:29:24 UTC  

See you all in Knoxville, brothers.

2018-01-19 23:47:13 UTC  

make our ancestors proud!

2018-01-19 23:50:10 UTC  

My ancestors are smiling at me, feminist. Can you say the same?

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you going make it to the rally @Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe

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i wish find a ride had hook ups in florida lol

2018-01-19 23:51:47 UTC  

miss living in nashville cause I would be THERE

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@Der Jäger Yeah man I'll be there.

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@Der Jäger I've got black combat boots, black work jeans, black suit jacket, black sunglasses, and black leather gloves

2018-01-19 23:52:50 UTC  

full TWP color scheme bro

2018-01-19 23:54:23 UTC  

and black hyundai elantra just like saint Roof

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love it

2018-01-20 00:01:55 UTC  

thanks bro

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I'll be sure to give you a noogie when I see you FAGGOT @Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe

2018-01-20 00:41:54 UTC