Message from Andy in Anticom #general

2017-03-11 16:34:31 UTC  

The fucking reason why I cant do anything, is because I live nowhere

2017-03-11 16:34:41 UTC  

Also I tried, they loose intrest in me in 3 days

2017-03-11 16:34:47 UTC  

Then go somewhere

2017-03-11 16:34:47 UTC  

So its hard for me faggot

2017-03-11 16:34:54 UTC  

Do I havee the money?

2017-03-11 16:34:57 UTC  


2017-03-11 16:35:00 UTC  

Stop blaming anything but yourself.

2017-03-11 16:35:05 UTC  

I know faggot

2017-03-11 16:35:11 UTC  

I am out of ideas

2017-03-11 16:35:20 UTC  

Sell your ass and get money

2017-03-11 16:35:25 UTC  

Then you do not breed.

2017-03-11 16:35:32 UTC  

I want to breed

2017-03-11 16:35:38 UTC  

I want to bread so many whites

2017-03-11 16:35:40 UTC  

you either succeed or fail

2017-03-11 16:35:48 UTC  

Well I am not giving up

2017-03-11 16:35:50 UTC  

there is no easy way out

2017-03-11 16:35:59 UTC  

>Sell your ass

2017-03-11 16:36:07 UTC  

I will not give up.

2017-03-11 16:36:27 UTC  

I was born in the middle of nowhere, so its a major setback

2017-03-11 16:36:51 UTC  

Then you are even stronger if you find a virtuous woman!

2017-03-11 16:37:01 UTC  

Also, I pick up a wood

2017-03-11 16:37:11 UTC  

Civil war is coming, that's your chance to move to the better city and find white gf

2017-03-11 16:37:12 UTC  

Like stack it, carry it

2017-03-11 16:37:17 UTC  

The more advantages I have against me make me stronger.

2017-03-11 16:37:32 UTC  

Be more interesting

2017-03-11 16:37:52 UTC  

Get a pants dropping hobby like playing guitar

2017-03-11 16:37:54 UTC  

@Burnside where am I going at the Barnes and Noble

2017-03-11 16:37:59 UTC  

If you want to be interesting you should have a friends and hobbies

2017-03-11 16:38:03 UTC  

When the war comes, the blue pills will flock to the niggers, who will rape them all they please while they deteriorate from the inside out and form gangs.

2017-03-11 16:38:04 UTC  

>Implying niggerville cities will be good places to hide during the civil war
>Not implying top-tier guerilla tactics is the way to go

2017-03-11 16:38:17 UTC  

Also, sice live in woods, I be even more Alpha when CW comes. I know all the trails and know how to surivie in woods

2017-03-11 16:38:38 UTC  

Real women will find strong, virtuous men.

2017-03-11 16:39:30 UTC  

Also I am even Slavic, so I am more stronger.

2017-03-11 16:39:39 UTC  


2017-03-11 16:39:47 UTC  


2017-03-11 16:40:32 UTC  

i live near some ghetto looking place and downtown. When the CW starts, it'll be busy days

2017-03-11 16:40:33 UTC  

That's good, you have a genetic memory of your ancestors who fought in Civil War

2017-03-11 16:40:51 UTC  

though where i live isn't a ghetto-tier place

2017-03-11 16:41:02 UTC  

About to move further into the mountains, myself.

2017-03-11 16:41:10 UTC  

Tfw live on a moutain

2017-03-11 16:41:31 UTC  

I live on a hill rn.