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2018-03-08 20:57:23 UTC  

You aren't getting the point.

2018-03-08 20:57:27 UTC  

At all.

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2018-03-08 20:58:00 UTC  

nah I get your point...ppl who will never do shit use uniform excuses as reason not to do shit

2018-03-08 20:58:05 UTC  

None of us are saying the uniform matters for whether or not we go out

2018-03-08 20:58:11 UTC  

bet they are the same way with other things in their lives

2018-03-08 20:58:18 UTC  

Then you better be at the next one Hadrian.

2018-03-08 20:58:24 UTC  

"well, I would do that, but..."

2018-03-08 20:58:26 UTC  

And then voice your concerns.

2018-03-08 20:58:46 UTC  

My issue is that I'm too poor for a plane ticket and my car is falling apart

2018-03-08 20:58:53 UTC  

Where you at

2018-03-08 20:58:55 UTC  

that's got nothing to do with TWP

2018-03-08 20:58:57 UTC  


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2018-03-08 20:59:06 UTC yo shekels bro

2018-03-08 20:59:10 UTC  

Planning on moving to Indiana within a year

2018-03-08 20:59:12 UTC  

if you get a ticket a month ahead

2018-03-08 20:59:16 UTC  

you can get dirt cheap

2018-03-08 20:59:24 UTC  

i paid $180 for my ticket

2018-03-08 20:59:27 UTC  

when I came to knoxville

2018-03-08 20:59:29 UTC  

Okay I'll give you that one.

2018-03-08 20:59:49 UTC  

florida to tn and back

2018-03-08 20:59:52 UTC  

I'm ready to die beside my brother Blackshirts tbh.

2018-03-08 20:59:59 UTC  

If you ain't what are you doin'.

2018-03-08 21:00:12 UTC  

exactly...especially when you see what the fuk is at stake

2018-03-08 21:00:36 UTC  

and see those fukers with batons and brass knucks

2018-03-08 21:00:36 UTC  

I love TWP and nothing about TWP or optics has any affect on whether or not I show up

2018-03-08 21:00:53 UTC  

The one time I was able to, I got a $10 bus ticket to the DC thing

2018-03-08 21:00:54 UTC  

We are taking black back. Every time we show up we thin their ranks. They had a sympathetic area that's all.

2018-03-08 21:01:14 UTC  

They despise TWP for cucking them on a fundamental level.

2018-03-08 21:01:42 UTC  

That's true for all the e-celebs whining and some of the forum critters

2018-03-08 21:01:49 UTC  

Notice how the optometrists like Carolus Rex and Spencer act.

2018-03-08 21:01:53 UTC  


2018-03-08 21:01:56 UTC  

Above you.

2018-03-08 21:01:57 UTC  


2018-03-08 21:02:00 UTC  

Enter from the back.

2018-03-08 21:02:07 UTC  

Let us go through the mob

2018-03-08 21:02:12 UTC  

it's even worse in person, act like fucking billionaire house wives

2018-03-08 21:02:13 UTC  

its disgusting

2018-03-08 21:02:19 UTC  

"Entering from the back" is their favorite hobby