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this is the best channel

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BTW this is where you can buy like half the books on my list

2018-01-31 19:02:11 UTC

Fear and Loathing in America - Richard Kemp

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James Connolly and other Irish Republican works

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Some good quotes from Marcus Garvey. Yes, they are Afro-centric, but this is the stance that needs to be embraced by blacks.

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You're extremely well-read

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I was a big reader since I was a kid, and my parents and extended family always pushed me to read history, philosophy, and other sorts of non-fiction.

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Now that I have 3 young kids, it's been hard to find the time to read much...Im currently working on 4 different books, but it's been taking a while.

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i take it you've done some Orthodox reading as well

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Ya, all the books I am currently reading are on Orthodox Theology

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Pretty much over the last 4-5 years all I've done is studied Theology. The 7-8 years prior to that, I spent reading all the books that I have compiled on this "digital library":

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Im a broke cracker, so I usually read free PDFs...Idk wat i'd do without

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I am SOOOOO sad that fascists.zxq is disabled...they had so many excellent and hard to find works.

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You are an incredible man

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Is your last name of English origin? Just curious

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I'm partly English myself

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My last name is Northern English/Lowland Scot, but it isn't our original name. My great-grandfather and Grandmother came to the States from Ireland when my grandfather was an infant or right before he was born (my dad's side of the family is retarded when it comes to their family history), and for some reason they changed their name (being that Irish weren't too heavily discriminated against during the early 1900s, I have no idea why they changed their name...maybe for political reasons?). My Great-Grandfather died within a year of getting to the states, and my great grandmother died pretty early, too; thus, grandfather didn't know what our original last name was, so it is lost to us...I've done countless hours of genealogy research to dig it up, but to no's REALLY annoying.

That being said, I'm heavily: Irish, Welsh, and French, with a bit of Spanish and Italian.

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A lot of Celtic blood

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Ya, I am predominately Celtic and Nordic (my French lines come from Normandy, and a lot of my Welsh ancestors mixed with Normans).

Myself and my kids all took the names of my Welsh ancestors, when we Converted to Orthodoxy.

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which patriarchate do you belong to, if you don't mind me asking?

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I am somewhat of a black sheep, though, cuz I hate the fact we are now under the Moscow Patriarch...I wish ROCOR would have never gone for reunification, at least not right now.