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>black sun

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let me pill you bro

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whites domesticate wolves
wolves start following us around
enter the war with jews
at night, whites used wolves to attack jew lairs
jews started believing that whites were literally turning into wolves at night
jews created the myth of the Werewolf, a Cro-Magnon turning into a wolf under a full moon
these attacks happened under a full moon because whites had poor eyesight at night and needed light
the full moon is the Dark Sun

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the US was founded on Judeo-Masonic Enlightenment values

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who gives a fuck what it was founded on now tbh

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The Founding Fathers are gaysers

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They like penises

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because the judaism isn't a recent phenomenon, it was built right in to the foundation and muh constitution

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18 was sent to us for guidence and direction, he was the first before the last kali yugan

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The only thing that retarded ideologists get together is the fact REAL LIBERALS and Marxist spend hours sperging on that shit.

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there will be no 360th expulsion

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we will not be fooled again

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The Whiskey Rebellion proves that they were completely full of Shit

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No, we won't

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The cycle is ending

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Win or lose, this will be the last time around

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Except Ol Hickory he a real nigga doe

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here here brother

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Andrew Jackson was great

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Coincidentally, he was the first President to be a commoner

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evola is total worthless cuck

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fight me

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Hickory was the First Pres to actually be born an American and not British subject. Him and his brother 15 & 17 faught in da revolution together.

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words from 18 always comfort me

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no matter how dark or grim they are

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they are always resolute and true

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Even tho it was bullshit and he too was a Freemason , he's to badass & funny not to like

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bro you are focusing to hard on the mason shit