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2019-07-11 02:56:17 UTC  

Lol I have nothing to do with JBLM except the MWD guys

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2019-07-11 02:56:32 UTC

2019-07-11 02:57:11 UTC  

@Trash Squid I'll squeeze

2019-07-11 02:57:18 UTC  

But at the background

2019-07-11 02:57:25 UTC  

In the middle

2019-07-11 02:57:39 UTC  

So yall remember when that nerd tried shooting up that courthouse and got yeeted. Did yall notice the /k/ pages on FB tripping out over the boogaloo

2019-07-11 02:57:53 UTC  

Ya man just slap me in somewhere

2019-07-11 02:57:55 UTC  

Yeah. But the roasting was the best part of that

2019-07-11 02:58:10 UTC  

I only saw roasts lol

2019-07-11 02:58:20 UTC  

Guy provided me memes for 2 weeks

2019-07-11 02:58:47 UTC  

I'm talking about the /k/ and warwave pages that were going on saying "this is what heppens when you talk about boogaloo murr" trying to say the meme was the reason that idiot got yetted

2019-07-11 02:58:48 UTC  

And he would have been a fucking Rakassan too. I fucking hated that brigade

2019-07-11 02:58:58 UTC  

everyone hates rakkasans

2019-07-11 02:59:29 UTC  

Spent my last two years in the army there. So glad I’ll never go back

2019-07-11 03:00:14 UTC  

dad please keep putting out good shitposts and warwave content thx

2019-07-11 03:02:13 UTC  

So I get out in a year, should I just say fuck it and become a cop?

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2019-07-11 03:02:33 UTC  

Like literally anything but that

2019-07-11 03:02:59 UTC  

but i don't wanna be a barista at a coffee shop at 23

2019-07-11 03:03:18 UTC  

Do what I do. I work a K9 for a private company and make bank

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2019-07-11 03:03:44 UTC  

They teach you everything you need to know about handling an EDD

2019-07-11 03:03:52 UTC  

All you need is a clean DD214

2019-07-11 03:04:03 UTC  

just sucks since nobody gives a fuck that you're a veteran. You'd think you'd get prioritized but nope

2019-07-11 03:04:23 UTC  

Send company site pls

2019-07-11 03:04:38 UTC  

Well an old 1/75 guy is CEO and we’re at 70% of the company being vets sooooo

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2019-07-11 03:05:27 UTC  

I'll hit you up

2019-07-11 03:05:54 UTC  

hows taxes and general not getting fucked by government in the olympia area

2019-07-11 03:06:19 UTC  

Nigga I make like 72k a year and my dog does all the detection work. I’m just his paperwork bitch

2019-07-11 03:06:33 UTC  

oh LIT

2019-07-11 03:06:40 UTC  

I wouldn’t know about Olympia. I live in Tacoma.

2019-07-11 03:06:46 UTC  

Oh okay

2019-07-11 03:06:51 UTC  

Well that general area

2019-07-11 03:07:04 UTC  

Cost of living is ridiculous out here though on the western side of the state. I’m sure it’s not like Alaska though

2019-07-11 03:07:33 UTC  

We’re not just up here. We’re all over the US

2019-07-11 03:08:03 UTC  

Pretty much if there’s a major airport we’re there now or will be in the next year. Like right now I’m waiting for Phoenix to open so I can be with my wife.

2019-07-11 03:08:20 UTC  

I'm from Mesa/Gilbert

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2019-07-11 03:08:25 UTC  

tryna find work there.