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2019-07-12 03:22:21 UTC  

My point is the common person won't travel space and if so it'd be years before its affordable.

2019-07-12 03:22:37 UTC  

they can and they will

2019-07-12 03:22:53 UTC  

right now its a n exclusive club because nasa needs pilots that can also do repairs

2019-07-12 03:22:59 UTC  
2019-07-12 03:22:59 UTC  

and no shit workers will exist lol

2019-07-12 03:23:14 UTC  

but when space travel becomes commericalized normies will be admitted too

2019-07-12 03:23:27 UTC  

And it's on the verge.

2019-07-12 03:24:01 UTC  

The Space Force commentary is just an aspect..

2019-07-12 03:24:16 UTC  

mm hmm

2019-07-12 03:24:20 UTC  

It's just taken a long fucking time to get ahold of it.

2019-07-12 03:24:27 UTC  

imagine space 911

2019-07-12 03:24:37 UTC  

space 411?

2019-07-12 03:24:38 UTC  

hijackers turn a rocket into an orbital strike

2019-07-12 03:24:49 UTC  

If it's necessary to risk that.

2019-07-12 03:24:55 UTC  

That is fine.

2019-07-12 03:25:10 UTC  

that is why no habitats; comies would nuke those on earth if they had somewhere ELSE to live

2019-07-12 03:25:11 UTC  

It'll be funny when the rest of the world makes a space military corp. after mocking Trump for it.

2019-07-12 03:25:31 UTC  

its inevitable

2019-07-12 03:25:38 UTC  

I just wish my life path woulda taken a path to controlling more directly. *wipes tears away*

2019-07-12 03:26:10 UTC  


2019-07-12 03:26:13 UTC  

>orange man discovers immortality
>people kill themselves in protest

2019-07-12 03:26:20 UTC  

there is no space force. It's simple like AFRICOM or EUCOM etc. simple DOD reorg, like JTAC was with nukes

2019-07-12 03:26:22 UTC  


2019-07-12 03:27:13 UTC  

Used to be each branch of the military had charge of their own tactics and deployment of nukes. this resulted in overlap and inefficiency

2019-07-12 03:27:15 UTC  

It's the thought that counts @ManAnimal honestly.

2019-07-12 03:27:28 UTC  

then they consolidated everything nuclear under JTAC

2019-07-12 03:27:51 UTC  

Basically *talking* about Space Force brings it to the public consciousness

2019-07-12 03:28:06 UTC  

whether its up now or not, it will be needed. private companies would get aggressive with each other and start colonizing moons and planets theyre not authorized too.

instead of xenos the first enemies engaged by the space force would definitely be private companies and their private security acting like their own governments

2019-07-12 03:28:11 UTC  

you don't think it is already in the public consciousness?

2019-07-12 03:28:26 UTC  

I think most in the public are just tired of the same old promises

2019-07-12 03:28:44 UTC  

Underscoring it is important.

2019-07-12 03:28:49 UTC  

Moon in 4 yrs... for the last 40 yrs we have heard every President say this

2019-07-12 03:29:04 UTC  

Not that I recall

2019-07-12 03:29:12 UTC  

i dont think so

2019-07-12 03:29:22 UTC  

its private companies that want to go into space

2019-07-12 03:29:37 UTC  

Probably for the better tbh

2019-07-12 03:29:44 UTC  

Still debatable as to whether or not BEING in space can be profitable

2019-07-12 03:29:53 UTC  

Hate to pull it.. Obama? Bush 2? Clinton? Bush 1?

2019-07-12 03:30:00 UTC  

profitable definitely

2019-07-12 03:30:08 UTC  

launching sattellites and visiting? sure. but staying there?

2019-07-12 03:30:13 UTC  

Just a matter of make it so.