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2017-06-03 19:05:32 UTC  

I don't have a problem going to a trinitarian church, I just find they are the ones who have a problem with my beliefs

2017-06-03 19:05:52 UTC  

We need a new discord

2017-06-03 19:06:12 UTC  

Like a redpill university

2017-06-03 19:06:38 UTC  

So I don't keep clogging our chat with my endless ramblings

2017-06-03 19:07:02 UTC  

@Tedium u good

2017-06-03 19:07:23 UTC  

<@&314230207307579402> - Dillon#6190 the recording sounds like you

2017-06-03 19:09:38 UTC  

Endless ramblings keep the chat flowing and conversation going. Too many subchats and nobody is going to read all of them.

Would rather have 200 messages when I open this than 20 in 10 different chats tbh

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2017-06-03 19:10:30 UTC  

True. I was just thinking for categorization and ease of access

2017-06-03 19:10:57 UTC  

My friend is not the only one this could help

2017-06-03 19:11:29 UTC  

This chat is for everything

2017-06-03 19:11:31 UTC  


Does VA have an official religion of choice?

2017-06-03 19:11:38 UTC  

Never thought to ask that

2017-06-03 19:11:44 UTC  

<#314232160355745795> is for certain stuff

2017-06-03 19:12:18 UTC  

I try to have as much Christian influence as is available @Riefen

2017-06-03 19:12:24 UTC  

And to answer about voice yeah I can in maybe 10 days or so. On vacation for a bit, like texting because I can do it while others drive etc

2017-06-03 19:12:31 UTC  

Don't want to sound pollute others

2017-06-03 19:12:36 UTC  

Especially since I'm with normies

2017-06-03 19:13:05 UTC  

Enjoy Florida

2017-06-03 19:14:36 UTC  

Great! At least in the Southeast region I feel that our history is inseparable from Christian influence. @Thomas Ryan

I'm super excited to man! I'll drop some posters if I can get away from the resorts / parks @Fox Tx

2017-06-03 19:15:10 UTC  

@Riefen good luck brother

2017-06-03 19:15:13 UTC  

Yeah no problem. I don't even know when he can. Just for the future

2017-06-03 19:15:28 UTC  

@Riefen maybe you and me can meet in Little Rock some how

2017-06-03 19:15:30 UTC  

Disney world?

2017-06-03 19:20:31 UTC  

Disney, maybe Epcot, gonna drive out to the beach, see the city.

I was informed like 3 hours ago that the city is full of degenerates outside of the parks so we will see

2017-06-03 19:21:11 UTC  

Gay pride week was last week , demonstrations etc. Think it was in some parks too reeeeee

2017-06-03 19:21:52 UTC  

Drugs and illegals too allegedly, but I guess that comes with all major southern cities now

2017-06-03 19:24:19 UTC  

yeah, hard to escape sadly

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2017-06-03 19:31:33 UTC  

thank you. i'll watch now

2017-06-03 19:31:58 UTC  

@here if anyone else has resources for me, please feel free to send

2017-06-03 19:32:23 UTC  

i'm not afraid of doing the research if someone will point the way

2017-06-03 19:32:41 UTC  

@Tedium do you need Martin Luther king was a degenerate commie

2017-06-03 19:33:37 UTC  

i'll take it

2017-06-03 19:34:24 UTC  
2017-06-03 19:34:51 UTC  

@Tedium you can find shorter videos but this one shows how godless he was

2017-06-03 19:36:01 UTC  


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2017-06-03 19:39:15 UTC  

LMAO at that Teddy Roosevelt quote