Message from Riefen in Southern Front #general

2017-05-30 05:55:08 UTC  

Don't forget roads will be block cause of anti sharia march in Houston

2017-05-30 05:56:40 UTC  

Also some roads will be block off in Dallas

2017-05-30 05:57:23 UTC  

So y'all probably need to leave at 7 am

2017-05-30 05:57:32 UTC  

Or 6:30

2017-05-30 06:35:36 UTC  

I tried to add you as a friend on here

2017-05-30 06:41:34 UTC  

I tried to have friends one time

2017-05-30 06:51:06 UTC  

What time is the event?

2017-05-30 06:52:27 UTC  


2017-05-30 06:59:18 UTC  

Anyone going to the event got an extra rifle I can borrow

2017-05-30 06:59:31 UTC  

Yes sir.

2017-05-30 07:00:14 UTC  

.410, 12 gauge or .308. Take your pick.

2017-05-30 07:00:46 UTC  

If you're a Texan I have plenty of pistols as well.

2017-05-30 07:01:00 UTC  

I am but Im 17 can I open carry a rifle?

2017-05-30 07:01:39 UTC  

I think you have to be 18 years old. I'll look into it. You can always carry a knife. 😃

2017-05-30 07:02:00 UTC  

Haha already got that planned

2017-05-30 07:02:16 UTC  

But would rather have something on me if necessary

2017-05-30 07:02:38 UTC  

Then you won't need a gun, we're going to be right there with you, brother.

2017-05-30 07:03:47 UTC  

Fine but bring an extra just in case shtf

2017-05-30 07:05:08 UTC  

You have to be 18 to open carry in Texas. Not saying you should follow that law, but I think it is important to obey the authorities. They are and will be on our side.

2017-05-30 07:06:17 UTC  

@Riefen I see ya typing, PM me because we need to discuss TN things

2017-05-30 07:06:18 UTC  

I will be equidistant in the opposite direction that weekend. Prior family engagement I can't miss.

I might be able to provide gas money if somebody can get a ride for @Ronny TX

2017-05-30 07:06:40 UTC  

If anybody can, just IM me and we will discuss details.

2017-05-30 07:08:33 UTC  

I mean, I can provide gas money, I just need a ride. And even if I get a ride, I'm not sure if I'll be able to go. I still live with my parents and they're pretty strict. But certainly, if someone is willing to give me a ride, I'll do my best to see if I can go.

2017-05-30 07:39:50 UTC  

Go to the gym niggers!

2017-05-30 12:14:13 UTC

2017-05-30 12:14:32 UTC

2017-05-30 12:22:50 UTC  

@everyone If you want to go to Houston, and have the means but not the money, see if someone can sponsor you to go, perhaps in their absence.

2017-05-30 12:23:25 UTC  


2017-05-30 12:48:14 UTC

2017-05-30 12:48:28 UTC  

This district will grow over the summer

2017-05-30 12:48:45 UTC  

And become the vanguard strongest region

2017-05-30 16:38:09 UTC  

Think how many new members we'll get with a good showing in Houston

2017-05-30 16:40:51 UTC

2017-05-30 16:40:53 UTC  

Drink milk

2017-05-30 16:41:00 UTC  

Or she will die

2017-05-30 16:53:48 UTC  

Hey goys

2017-05-30 16:54:30 UTC  

Wud up fam

2017-05-30 16:55:29 UTC  

I still drink milk like a big fuckin kid @fox

2017-05-30 16:55:43 UTC  
2017-05-30 16:55:59 UTC  

Just trying to get some stuff done with my family. I've been really busy the past 3 weeks (that's why I've been hardly active) due to my grandfathers Alzheimer's. We've been in Cali getting him and seeing how he does in our house, but it's been pretty bad.

2017-05-30 16:56:27 UTC