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They still have a nasty habit of infiltrating entire societies, and not only take them over, but also completely FUCK them with subversion. To call them parasitic in nature is not as big of a stretch as I had originally thought.

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But yeah, NAJALT

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hate us because y'all jealous

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c-c-cry harder, fag bags

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Erwin is a turboheeb

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sometimes I have no idea what you're even saying about me

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Eh, don't take it personally

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I've been around fascist long enough lmao

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What ideology are you, if you don't mind me asking?

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I don't like aligning myself with one, because it puts a label that I don't intend to follow. I can tell you that I'm basically all the way right and somewhat near the middle in the political compass for the most part

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>don't like labels

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Kikes do this because it makes it easier to not have convictions

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Gives them more options concerning whom to infiltrate

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oh boy you got me

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White when it benefits them, minority otherwise :^)

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I'm secretly a communist, don't you know

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die whiteys, amiright

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He's alright

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if a weeb

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weeb as in anime shitlords, righto?

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I do like the choice of name though

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"So help me G-d if you take another step back, I'll blow your fucking brains out."

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why do I feel like you are reading something that I said somewhere

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Unless you're THE Erwin that said that, I'd doubt it.

2017-08-28 20:37:38 UTC  

Well known quote

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I've said that to someone somewhere before

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As long as you wanna stomp commies, I think you're alright here

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well I am trying to become a riot officer, so

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curb stomping would be my job in a few years

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n o i c e

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Need to be vetted

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halp plz

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@Crusading Friendo when will you be available to vet?

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