Message from Erwin Frey in Anticom #general

2017-08-26 02:51:24 UTC  

Just because I disagree with you doesn't mean I am against traditionalism. Your opinion is just too , shall we say, retarded

2017-08-26 02:52:32 UTC  

Oh right. Because gaming and anime are goid for society *somehow*

2017-08-26 02:53:08 UTC  

Who said that?

2017-08-26 02:53:19 UTC  

Despite the fact that the amount of basement dwelling NEETs has increased enormously ever since gaming became a "culture"

2017-08-26 02:54:14 UTC  

I don't give a flying hoot if it's good for you or not. As long as you aren't stamping on others rights, doing anything illegal to each their own

2017-08-26 02:54:27 UTC  

Sounds very libertarian

2017-08-26 02:54:40 UTC  

Do you have the same stance on gays?

2017-08-26 02:54:44 UTC  

Guess I'm a libertarian

2017-08-26 02:55:16 UTC  

Gays should keep to them self's, what happens in the bedroom stays there lmao

2017-08-26 02:56:17 UTC  

It never does though

2017-08-26 02:56:40 UTC  

They push it into the streets and affect public culture

2017-08-26 02:56:50 UTC  

Public indecency from any sexuality should be punished lmao

2017-08-26 02:57:05 UTC  

And theres the health risk. Being a fag carries a 13% higher death rate

2017-08-26 02:57:27 UTC  

We all die, you've worded that wrong

2017-08-26 02:59:53 UTC  

Risk of dying?

2017-08-26 03:00:06 UTC  

I dunno. English is like my 4th language

2017-08-26 03:00:24 UTC  

Risk is the right word

2017-08-26 03:01:47 UTC  

And you're right, they're at a higher risk of death. But it's not my responsibility to care if they die because they chose what'd make them happy

2017-08-26 03:02:21 UTC  

Id say it is. Fags predate on young kids for one

2017-08-26 03:02:41 UTC  

Srcondly they infiltrate media and push pro gay stuff

2017-08-26 03:03:01 UTC  

And don't you want to push anti- gay stuff?

2017-08-26 03:03:11 UTC  

What makes it different? Because you disagree

2017-08-26 03:03:28 UTC  

If we ban cigarrettes for health risks, why not gays? Or meth. Meth is less harmful than being gay

2017-08-26 03:04:00 UTC  

No sir I want to physically remove gays -so to speak-

2017-08-26 03:04:17 UTC  

Oy vey

2017-08-26 03:04:26 UTC  

What's next, the Jews?

2017-08-26 03:04:49 UTC  

No, they are definitely first

2017-08-26 03:04:55 UTC  

Gays after that

2017-08-26 03:04:59 UTC  


2017-08-26 03:05:12 UTC  

I guess we won't be getting along anytime soon

2017-08-26 03:05:23 UTC  

I guess not

2017-08-26 03:05:46 UTC  

But I guess we can remove commies until such time as infighting becomes productive

2017-08-26 03:05:49 UTC  

Because I'm an Orthodox Jew, so we do kinda have an issue on our hands

2017-08-26 03:06:16 UTC  

Well then you arent gonna be making many friends here mate 😂

2017-08-26 03:06:51 UTC  

Hey, an enemy of my enemy is my friend

2017-08-26 03:07:09 UTC  

A jew is a jew

2017-08-26 03:07:18 UTC  

And a fascist is a fascist

2017-08-26 03:07:20 UTC  

Dont kosher sandwich me, Moishe

2017-08-26 03:07:23 UTC  

Is this the same Erwin from fascist international?

2017-08-26 03:07:28 UTC  

Oy fucking vey.

2017-08-26 03:07:28 UTC