Message from sergun in csg #11-11-and-christmas-2019

2019-10-28 22:22:48 UTC

2019-10-28 22:23:09 UTC  

the keycap set deal looks nice but other than that its meh

2019-10-28 22:23:51 UTC  

the screenshot on the left was taken a couple of days ago and i took the one on the right today

2019-10-28 22:25:01 UTC  

the lightning to usb-c cable was the only product that actually went up in price before 11.11

2019-10-28 22:25:08 UTC  

10.99 vs 9.99

2019-10-29 04:27:37 UTC  

I asked a seller politely and they gave me the 11.11 price on a cosplay item early

2019-10-29 04:28:02 UTC  

so if you have anything sitting on your list it couldn't hurt to ask

2019-10-29 04:50:30 UTC  

show cosplay item

2019-10-29 05:00:31 UTC  

show yourself dressed in cosplay item

2019-10-29 05:25:19 UTC  

yeah see you in 3 months when Ali finally ships it to canada

2019-10-29 06:26:19 UTC  

I wonder if those sonos toothbrushes are any good

2019-10-29 06:26:24 UTC  

good dental health is important

2019-10-29 06:26:51 UTC  

im marking the calendar for 3 months right now

2019-10-29 08:29:30 UTC  

meh deals so far tbh

2019-10-29 08:32:08 UTC  

most are in fashion from what I can tell

2019-10-29 08:32:20 UTC  

and you don't wanna be that guy, right?

2019-10-29 08:44:34 UTC  

legit or shit?

2019-10-29 08:52:28 UTC  

shit prob

2019-10-29 08:52:58 UTC  

Color: 512G Logistics: 中国邮政挂号小包

i have been cheated by saying 512gb i have checked it only 20gb 28 Oct 2019 06:19

2019-10-29 11:57:53 UTC  

not sure if sonos is good, but those sonic toothbrushes are proven to be better, but not because they are good, but because people spend more time brushing their teeth with them.
best you can do for your teeth is called "water pick" that is actually what dentists use to clean teeth almost perfectly

2019-10-29 11:58:54 UTC  

literally everyone says something different about brushing teeth

2019-10-29 11:59:16 UTC  

but i m doctor that is not paid to promote shit

2019-10-29 11:59:19 UTC  

just believe me

2019-10-29 11:59:25 UTC  

are you the 1 out of 10

2019-10-29 11:59:39 UTC  

I bought a sonic brush from a drugstore chain (DM drogerie markt for u euros) for uh.. 30 euro?

2019-10-29 11:59:42 UTC  

shits fine

2019-10-29 12:06:47 UTC  

Also the Costco replacement heads are good for the Phillips toothbrushes

2019-10-30 09:11:45 UTC  

water pick

2019-10-30 09:11:49 UTC  

i hate using those things

2019-10-30 10:54:33 UTC  

is there a Chinese water pick 👀

2019-10-30 10:58:25 UTC  


2019-10-30 12:34:01 UTC  

yes soocas w3

2019-10-30 12:35:43 UTC  

40 bucks 👀

2019-10-31 10:29:46 UTC  

500GB - $78
1TB - $175


2019-10-31 10:47:38 UTC  

why even buy it from chinkland? i have the same price locally

2019-10-31 10:59:53 UTC  

That's the point, I can get a better price here, even in €

2019-10-31 11:00:37 UTC  

Just genuinely wondering why there's no price difference, are evos manufactured in Korea?

2019-10-31 11:10:18 UTC  

everyone already selling them at low as possible profits