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2018-05-12 13:15:33 UTC  

I think I've realised that women ARE the problem

2018-05-12 13:15:39 UTC  

Trust women, get done in

2018-05-12 13:15:41 UTC  


2018-05-12 13:15:41 UTC  

How the hell does one have 9 stds

2018-05-12 13:15:43 UTC  

Thats like

2018-05-12 13:15:46 UTC  

All of them

2018-05-12 13:15:48 UTC  

muh diq

2018-05-12 13:15:49 UTC  

that's how

2018-05-12 13:15:50 UTC  

Nigga u ded

2018-05-12 13:16:24 UTC  

Herpes + big HIV + syphilis = 1 dead boye

2018-05-12 13:17:12 UTC  

The fags have bolstered the aids cocktail industry to the point where you can live with super aids and still be alive as long as you take your HIV/AIDS/SUPER CANCER cocktail

2018-05-12 13:17:16 UTC  

Not to mention potential hepatitis

2018-05-12 13:18:12 UTC  

Yup. Live against god. Get your bugman bug. Be permanent slave to (((big pharma)))

2018-05-12 13:18:46 UTC  

Natural disaster? U ded

2018-05-12 13:18:59 UTC  

Extended civil unrest? U ded

2018-05-12 13:19:13 UTC  

Mutation of virus? U ded

2018-05-12 13:19:20 UTC  

Ban HIV medication

2018-05-12 13:19:21 UTC  

Fall of world order? U ded

2018-05-12 13:19:35 UTC  

Fags are an EXTREMELY protected class in the west

2018-05-12 13:20:01 UTC  

Society has made sodomites beyond reproach by nature itself at this point

2018-05-12 13:20:19 UTC  

"Buh muh jahb protection" "the geighs are persecuted in da weest"

2018-05-12 13:20:20 UTC  

It's because like a fag, the Jew is naturally effeminate. They have a shared culture in that way.

2018-05-12 13:20:50 UTC  

Bitch you hear people use mistreatment of gays as a call to war on fox news

2018-05-12 13:21:06 UTC  

The people who support and give in to the faggot worship are equally at fault with the people who push it

2018-05-12 13:21:40 UTC  

Gives me conniptions

2018-05-12 13:21:53 UTC  

We has to go to wars against the muzzie saudis cuz they no treats the homos rite

2018-05-12 13:22:20 UTC  

Tbh most mainstream right wingers oppose muslim immigration because "muh gays!"

2018-05-12 13:22:25 UTC  

Instead of any other valid reason

2018-05-12 13:22:42 UTC  

Or "my womens rights"

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2018-05-12 13:23:08 UTC  

All they conserve is liberalism

2018-05-12 13:23:23 UTC  

Trotskyist s

2018-05-12 13:24:07 UTC  

Traditionalism and conservatism without the tradition and conservation of Christ and His Church is just the tradition and conservatism of what facilitated the issues we have today

2018-05-12 13:24:30 UTC  

"True freedom is working 16 hour days for the zog machine, goy! Don't forget to buy our latest products!"

2018-05-12 13:24:30 UTC  

If you have any right wing freinds who are pro gay show them the Pozitivity by mister metokur

2018-05-12 13:24:42 UTC  

That and anything by Common Filth

2018-05-12 13:24:55 UTC  

Tumblristas for those who dont have the time to sit through a podcast

2018-05-12 13:26:29 UTC  

I need to readup on more christianity but alot of the preached teachings of jesus are amazingly neoconservative in nature.

2018-05-12 13:26:59 UTC  

Read The Bible, read Aquinus

2018-05-12 13:27:09 UTC  

The Sam Hyde Brooklyn stand up is pretty red pilling too