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2017-04-04 03:58:15 UTC  

The future belongs to those who show up

2017-04-04 03:58:19 UTC  

To those who want it most

2017-04-04 03:58:28 UTC  

Hail Victory

2017-04-04 03:59:11 UTC  

It's just that all this degeneracy and failure of humanity makes me wonder if it's worth it, if having a family is worth bringing in people into this world

2017-04-04 03:59:25 UTC  

Yes, it is.

2017-04-04 03:59:46 UTC  

Children = immortality

2017-04-04 03:59:53 UTC  

Your bones will turn to dust

2017-04-04 03:59:56 UTC  

Your name will live

2017-04-04 04:00:50 UTC  

I wonder if my interests are worth pursuing, I want to work foreign + do PolSci and Economics

2017-04-04 04:01:23 UTC  

Go for it. Just don't skimp on the math. If you have solid math skills you'll be employed

2017-04-04 04:01:28 UTC  

Being a Foreign Service Officer, and then eventually an Ambassador would be great

2017-04-04 04:02:17 UTC  

I don't know how one gets into those fields

2017-04-04 04:02:21 UTC  

But you can probably do it

2017-04-04 04:02:26 UTC  

Lift some weights

2017-04-04 04:02:34 UTC  

Get your T up and your motivation up

2017-04-04 04:02:39 UTC  

Grab life by the pussy

2017-04-04 04:02:50 UTC  

I'm just concerned that I won't be able to support a family off government pay, and I don't want my future wife working

2017-04-04 04:03:22 UTC  

Fed gov has decent pay and excellent benefits

2017-04-04 04:03:33 UTC  

If you want a big famalam you need those bennies

2017-04-04 04:03:43 UTC  

Health care for 10 babies ain't cheap

2017-04-04 04:03:48 UTC  

Hopefully you're right, I want a decent amount of kids to carry on my genes

2017-04-04 04:04:19 UTC  

Gov't jobs are great for that. You have stability and benefits. That's all you need.

2017-04-04 04:04:27 UTC  

If you have a good waifu that cooks at home

2017-04-04 04:04:35 UTC  

And isn't a gold diggin whore

2017-04-04 04:04:39 UTC  

You don't need a ton of money

2017-04-04 04:04:45 UTC  

Just stability and a decent waifu

2017-04-04 04:04:53 UTC  

Sounds good then. The issue will be making sure I stay out of college debt, and have a nest egg by the age of 20.

2017-04-04 04:05:42 UTC  

Grab life by the pussy, friend. WWDJTD?

2017-04-04 04:05:52 UTC  

True true.

2017-04-04 04:06:09 UTC  

Infact he's motivated me to do a lot of life changes already, like cutting unhealthy things out, etc

2017-04-04 04:06:34 UTC  

If you're a young man, virtually all of your problems can be solved by lifting weights. Do your squats, lots of squats.

2017-04-04 04:17:38 UTC  

@James_Coney - LA Kinda late responding, but yeah that's cool!

2017-04-04 04:19:41 UTC  

@Iamawesom Sweet little one, where do you live? Also, you shall all call me momma Templar now. I am the listener and hug bringing.

2017-04-04 04:20:22 UTC  

traps are gay

2017-04-04 04:20:22 UTC

2017-04-04 04:20:23 UTC  

That sounds so fucking gay, but seriously

2017-04-04 04:20:31 UTC  

von you musclefag

2017-04-04 04:20:37 UTC  

brain over brawn

2017-04-04 04:21:09 UTC  


2017-04-04 04:21:12 UTC  

welp there goes college