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2019-11-23 03:24:27 UTC ( Hens and Chicks succulent )

2019-11-23 03:29:40 UTC  

Growing Hens and Chicks inside vertical waterbottle towers.

2019-11-23 03:32:52 UTC  
2019-11-23 03:41:09 UTC ( Microgreen Racks and sprouts )

2019-11-23 03:48:35 UTC ( Microgreens without LED lights )

2019-11-23 03:55:17 UTC  
2019-11-23 03:57:29 UTC  

15% Blue 43% Green 42% Red = 3500K LED

2019-11-23 15:09:56 UTC  
2019-11-23 15:11:36 UTC  

Beer Cans and Pop Cans made into the solar furnace that decrease reliance on the central furnace.

2019-11-23 15:13:49 UTC  
2019-11-23 18:31:06 UTC  
2019-11-23 18:37:45 UTC ( Indoor Hydroponic Commerical scale )

2019-11-23 21:40:31 UTC  

South facing solar panel skinny house.

2019-11-23 21:40:58 UTC  

Front - Left. South Facing side - Right.

2019-11-23 21:42:54 UTC  

The Left side of the house has an attached greenhouse to groundfloor. The Second floor has a massive array of solar panels. The South Facing side has a massive solar panel surface area. - Net Zero Houses.

2019-11-23 21:50:57 UTC  

The skinny greenhouse - house grafted to a high bay utility building.

2019-11-23 21:52:06 UTC  

The left side is a house with greenhouse. The right side is an utility high bay building; in case there is storage of portable mobile elevators to repair street lamps.

2019-11-23 21:55:01 UTC  

The Utility building is leased for the construction of modular solar panel tiny houses.

2019-11-23 22:06:32 UTC  

A Service Line Town. Orange is service shops. and the grey is parking lots. Green Square is groasis tree fields in the middle of the silty plains.

2019-11-23 22:07:43 UTC  

The big yellow square is a gas station.

2019-11-23 22:10:31 UTC  

The lean to greenhouse is attached to a skinny solar net zero building.

2019-11-23 22:12:23 UTC  

50 x 100 watts Solar Panels on one skinny building.

2019-11-23 22:17:13 UTC  

Succulent Sedum Flat Roof, Lean to Greenhouse with 50 X 100Watt of solar panels, attached to a skinny net zero house.

2019-11-23 22:20:25 UTC  

LED 4000K does so many wonders: grow seedlings, lights the house, and nice light.

2019-11-23 22:39:22 UTC  

Solar Powered streetlights does wonders.

2019-11-23 22:47:04 UTC  

The Transmission line.

2019-11-23 22:47:57 UTC  

Green are grounding wires. The Blue are carrying loads of hot wire 110 Volts, and 7 lines per twin transmission wire.

2019-11-23 22:48:26 UTC  

There are spaced 80 feet from each other.

2019-11-23 22:52:59 UTC  

Needs a mobile elevator to assemble the solar LED panel and lights into the pile driven poles.

2019-11-23 22:58:08 UTC  

The 3500K Solar powered light is powering the square feet garden.

2019-11-23 23:02:25 UTC  

The Garden patches have solar powered lamps 20 watts to see at night.

2019-11-23 23:50:02 UTC  

Solar Powered skinny house duplex. Wooden modular construction.

2019-11-23 23:51:14 UTC  

The Solar panels are slanted at 50 degree angle to capture sunlight * depending on where you live.

2019-11-23 23:51:39 UTC  

There are 50, 000 watt solar panel on the duplex.

2019-11-24 01:53:24 UTC  
2019-11-24 02:04:30 UTC  

Net Zero Skinny House Duplexes with 50 solar panels on the south facing side.

2019-11-24 02:13:48 UTC  

Done with Paint. Not professional softwares: Revit, Autocad, Googlesketchup, and archicad.