Message from Tian Fan in welp. u already Kno... #🌿tians-mint-bucket🍃

2019-11-24 03:32:46 UTC  

Oh Hell No! I am not going to be stuck in the satanic experiment forever, when I die I will go to the waterfalls that lead out of the filament and return to my real source and unite with God's kingdoms.

2019-11-24 03:36:50 UTC  

That picture is censored by youtube.

2019-11-24 03:47:59 UTC  

Follows the North Star to the entrance of the parallel universe of Agartha, Eden, Shamballa, Rainbow city, heaven (what ever you call it ) it is 3456 miles (1 royal mile) to get there.

2019-11-24 03:49:15 UTC  

equal distance of the Scottish Grandfreemasonic lodge to English Grandfreemasonic lodge to the France Grandfreemasonic lodge. (1 royal Mile)

2019-11-24 03:49:55 UTC  

The Center of the washington DC is a masonic Temple.

2019-11-24 16:19:24 UTC ( Modular Construction method for low rise )

2019-11-24 16:23:52 UTC ( NYC Billionaire Row - Onasiss Rectangle )

2019-11-24 16:26:46 UTC  
2019-11-24 16:30:54 UTC ( Tree Architecture Buildings )

2019-11-24 16:34:10 UTC ( Urban Green Architecture )

2019-11-24 16:51:26 UTC  
2019-11-24 16:53:16 UTC ( Sand to Soil in less than 7 hours )

2019-11-24 16:55:30 UTC  

Blender of organic Matter added to sand = beige soil.

2019-11-24 16:56:17 UTC  
2019-11-24 17:00:19 UTC ( Wire compost bin to make humus )

2019-11-24 21:47:06 UTC  

Using Minecraft to model 3D Buildings .

2019-11-24 21:51:57 UTC  

because I do not know how to use professional software: Revit, Archicad.

2019-11-24 22:00:01 UTC  

Mine craft Restaurant

2019-11-24 22:05:03 UTC  

The Hydroponics Water platforms on Minecraft - Square feet gardening

2019-11-24 22:08:50 UTC  

Floating Hydroponics beetroots square feet garden seeded.

2019-11-24 22:18:18 UTC  

More floating hydroponic farms square feet gardening on the lake in minecraft

2019-11-24 22:24:12 UTC  

The floating hydroponic square feet gardens are seeded with wheat seeds.

2019-11-24 22:27:45 UTC  

Acadia tree in the desert with Groasis technology. Done in Minecraft

2019-11-24 22:31:57 UTC  

Rows of trees, done in minecraft, with growasis technology if there were a grasslands.

2019-11-24 22:43:25 UTC  

2nd narrow succulent sedum roof house on minecraft

2019-11-24 22:51:57 UTC  

The 2 floor building rendered in the minecraft at night

2019-11-24 22:56:21 UTC  

The Groasis technology on the roof growing rows of trees saplings. The roof is covered with sedum succulents.

2019-11-24 22:57:45 UTC  

The second house in minecraft, rendered in daytime, have succulent sedum, and trees on the 2nd floor.

2019-11-24 23:03:32 UTC  

Another row of trees growing in the back of the 2nd house with groasis technology

2019-11-24 23:50:40 UTC  

The floating hydroponic soils are seeded with beetroots. Square feet gardening is great

2019-11-25 00:06:48 UTC  

Vertical Soil Planters. in minecraft at night seeded with wheat seeds.

2019-11-25 00:23:53 UTC  

Inside a vertical high bay vertical grow greenhouse.

2019-11-25 00:26:51 UTC  

The second building and the vertical high bay greenhouse together. with square feet gardening outside - wheat seeds & beet seeds, because minecraft offers 4 types of seeds.

2019-11-25 00:34:42 UTC  

4 Buildings in mine craft. And floating hydroponic square feet gardens.

2019-11-25 00:44:50 UTC  

Hydroponic Square in minecraft.

2019-11-25 00:55:47 UTC  

The hydroponic square is half filled with soil.

2019-11-25 01:00:11 UTC  

Half of the hydroponic square is tilled. Planting Wheat grass soon.

2019-11-25 01:04:40 UTC  

The hydroponic square feet platform are seeded with wheatgrass.

2019-11-25 01:14:24 UTC  

Floating Solar panels on the hydroponic square.

2019-11-25 01:27:31 UTC