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2020-02-27 21:25:11 UTC  

how it works is that we have to use one furhter away

2020-02-27 21:25:30 UTC  

it was a small one and have to use the bigger one further away

2020-02-27 21:26:35 UTC  

this increasing police waiting time and less patrols further from the police station

2020-02-27 21:27:25 UTC  

Over here, if you're outside of the city, then the county police handle everything. Sometimes the county is HUGE (500-2,000 square miles), but there are plenty of Sheriff's Deputies to handle everything.

2020-02-27 21:27:36 UTC  

And yes, sometimes it takes them awhile to get to a situation.

2020-02-27 21:27:50 UTC  

Which is why guns play such a big role.

2020-02-27 21:28:03 UTC  

2017 police budget

2020-02-27 21:28:14 UTC  

id rather have vigilante action than a police force tbh

2020-02-27 21:28:21 UTC  

so they invite in all the trash that want to cut your throat, then they cut back on number of patrols

2020-02-27 21:28:30 UTC  


2020-02-27 21:28:42 UTC  

they should be hung by the neck

2020-02-27 21:28:48 UTC  

(those pushing this agenda)

2020-02-27 21:29:00 UTC  

nuremberg style trials for them

2020-02-27 21:29:20 UTC  

you are luckly i am right wing and want to go into the poltiics career path to change all of it

2020-02-27 21:30:14 UTC  

I'm afraid that unless you are as dirty of a politician as they are, then you'll be politically cut down in your early years.

2020-02-27 21:30:28 UTC  

In other words, if you don't play ball by their rules, then you dont' get to play ball

2020-02-27 21:30:42 UTC  

all i need to do is win over my constituency to get into parliament

2020-02-27 21:31:04 UTC  

that literally is all

2020-02-27 21:31:41 UTC  

What is your age?

2020-02-27 21:31:46 UTC  

i am planning on starting my own political party as well and hping to grow it out

2020-02-27 21:31:52 UTC  

just a round number is fine

2020-02-27 21:31:54 UTC  


2020-02-27 21:31:59 UTC  

18 this year though

2020-02-27 21:32:01 UTC  

got it

2020-02-27 21:32:23 UTC  

Sounds like you have loads of work before you, politically speaking.

2020-02-27 21:32:26 UTC  

you dont have to treat me differently for my age i can handle a lot of stuff

2020-02-27 21:32:32 UTC  

im still in college so

2020-02-27 21:32:33 UTC  

Understood. I would never do that.

2020-02-27 21:32:59 UTC  

going through my first year of college

2020-02-27 21:33:14 UTC  

don't chase too much tail

2020-02-27 21:33:21 UTC  


2020-02-27 21:33:25 UTC  


2020-02-27 21:33:40 UTC  

i did admittedly for 4 months on the same girl

2020-02-27 21:33:45 UTC  


2020-02-27 21:33:51 UTC  

nothing wrong with that

2020-02-27 21:34:09 UTC  

question for you

2020-02-27 21:34:21 UTC  

you said that knife crime is really bad?

2020-02-27 21:34:26 UTC  


2020-02-27 21:34:47 UTC  

picture it like your shootings over there always happening

2020-02-27 21:34:49 UTC  

How do the lawmakers plan to bring those numbers down?

2020-02-27 21:35:22 UTC  

you wanna know, youth centres to stop youth from going into gangs (thats failing) knife bins to put knifes in all i cna actually think of atm