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2021-01-03 15:37:38 UTC  

Dio, i have a very serious question @Dio

2021-01-03 15:37:47 UTC  

whom is our greatest ally?

2021-01-03 15:37:50 UTC  

I've already been punished for looking like a racist bigot because I supported Trump during his campaign when he was complaining about illegal immigrants. I HAVE BEEN CANCELLED FOR THAT.

2021-01-03 15:37:55 UTC  
2021-01-03 15:38:06 UTC  

ohno he isnt brainwashed like the other goyim

2021-01-03 15:38:17 UTC  

initiate backup plan,

2021-01-03 15:38:17 UTC  

Read it homos

2021-01-03 15:38:22 UTC  


2021-01-03 15:38:27 UTC  

Read about their greatest lie

2021-01-03 15:38:34 UTC  

protestant classical liberal capitalist

2021-01-03 15:38:36 UTC  


2021-01-03 15:38:39 UTC  

I would face worse for my believes..

2021-01-03 15:38:39 UTC  

so cringe

2021-01-03 15:39:02 UTC  

My mom is threatening to kick me out of my house

2021-01-03 15:39:15 UTC  

Which would mean i have to leave my 13 year old sister alone with a mom who doesnt love her

2021-01-03 15:39:23 UTC  

And a stepfather thats tried to rape her

2021-01-03 15:39:43 UTC  

kick your stepfather out of the house

2021-01-03 15:39:46 UTC  

My mom sees no harm in throwing me out because of my beliefs

2021-01-03 15:40:06 UTC  

My family has disowned me because i am outspoken about what i believe

2021-01-03 15:40:25 UTC  

Tfw your racist son is a bigger problem than the rapist stepfather

2021-01-03 15:40:28 UTC  

Do your beliefs involve persecuting people just because of their race or ethnicity? Or have they merely been wrongly mistaken for that?

2021-01-03 15:40:36 UTC  
2021-01-03 15:40:39 UTC  

I believe in the day of the rope

2021-01-03 15:40:45 UTC  

Just because..

2021-01-03 15:40:53 UTC  

If you have done something to harm my race,

2021-01-03 15:41:00 UTC  

You will be strung up.

2021-01-03 15:41:10 UTC  

No ifs ands or buts about itm

2021-01-03 15:41:16 UTC  

Even if a jew isn't complicit, he is indifferent. He has to be explicitly against zionism and against Jewish hijinks.

2021-01-03 15:41:20 UTC  

@The Future is Ours I so wish I could make the same threat on you.

2021-01-03 15:41:32 UTC  

Jews dont scare me though.

2021-01-03 15:41:38 UTC  

Its not just because of there skin colour but there actions now and in history about there performance in society.. @Kandarihu

2021-01-03 15:41:46 UTC  

A hundred jews doesnt compare to a single awakened white man.

2021-01-03 15:41:51 UTC  

Also there is not such a thing then just skin colour

2021-01-03 15:41:54 UTC  

you’re a libertarian and the very nature of your beliefs would demean the threat

2021-01-03 15:42:05 UTC  

I can detect jews alot easier than you can detect nazis 💪😕

2021-01-03 15:42:06 UTC  

You cant be black by simply giving yourself black colour

2021-01-03 15:42:54 UTC  

dio is a like a drug dog but for jews

2021-01-03 15:43:06 UTC  

My jewdar is too notch

2021-01-03 15:43:14 UTC  

State of the art

2021-01-03 15:43:22 UTC  

let him off his chain and he's gonna find one in less than 30 seconds