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2021-01-03 16:27:31 UTC  

Or just engage in phyletism. But most Christians don't have the balls for that.

2021-01-03 16:27:46 UTC  

Most migrants specially those coming from a more alien ethnic group will never really assimilate

2021-01-03 16:28:10 UTC  

They building there own parallel societies

2021-01-03 16:28:15 UTC  

Blacks still haven't assimilated, and they've been here for centuries.

2021-01-03 16:28:39 UTC  

I'm totally fine with keeping white people alive. I hope you aren't thinking that by wanting other races to survive that I'm somehow in favor of white genocide. I've gotten in an argument on this server with someone who LITERALLY believes that about me.

2021-01-03 16:28:40 UTC  

Thats proof that genetics are that different that some cant hold to the same culture then others..

2021-01-03 16:29:06 UTC  

If you're in favor or other races intruding on White land, then yeah, you are.

2021-01-03 16:29:21 UTC  

Well I dont think we are for genociding other people..

2021-01-03 16:29:30 UTC  

Its about keeping our lands our lands..

2021-01-03 16:29:33 UTC  

America isn't white land. Europe is.

2021-01-03 16:29:42 UTC  

America is White. Read the 1790 naturalization act.

2021-01-03 16:29:48 UTC  

Actually america was white tho europe is for 100%

2021-01-03 16:30:04 UTC  

Denying us our identity and ownership over our land can only be a pretext to removing us from it.

2021-01-03 16:30:26 UTC  

Problem is Europe gets rekt.. demographical suicide and Jews leading the charge in that

2021-01-03 16:30:50 UTC  

USA is actually very young comparing to europe

2021-01-03 16:31:13 UTC  

American can survive some mexinegroes. I worry about the Africans and Muslims in Europe though.

2021-01-03 16:31:23 UTC  

Still there is a high chance that it was intended to be pan European and majority white

2021-01-03 16:31:48 UTC  

It absolutely was. The 1790 naturalization act limited naturalization to Whites only.

2021-01-03 16:31:59 UTC  

Germany got in a few years about 500K sub saharan africans..

2021-01-03 16:32:06 UTC  

They are everywhere now

2021-01-03 16:32:07 UTC  

The act was Penned and passed by some of the founding fathers too.

2021-01-03 16:32:12 UTC  

+ arabs and other non europeans

2021-01-03 16:32:18 UTC  

We got overrun..

2021-01-03 16:32:36 UTC  

France is even worse so is the UK

2021-01-03 16:32:38 UTC  

Germans are shamed and brow beaten into submission.

2021-01-03 16:32:46 UTC  

Germans are occupied and beaten..

2021-01-03 16:32:58 UTC  

They lost the great war and paid highly for that

2021-01-03 16:33:06 UTC  

All White people are shamed for the actions of an Austrian man.

2021-01-03 16:33:09 UTC  

It's ridiculous.

2021-01-03 16:33:19 UTC  

Tho ironically the former allies suffered more it seems

2021-01-03 16:33:53 UTC  

From 80 million people living in germany 60 million are really germans.. the rest not

2021-01-03 16:33:59 UTC  

18 million are over 65

2021-01-03 16:34:13 UTC  

Zoomers are already a minority

2021-01-03 16:34:17 UTC  

Stop looking into demographics goyim 😫

2021-01-03 16:34:18 UTC  

In there own homelands

2021-01-03 16:34:29 UTC  

I totally agree that it's wrong for everyone of an entire race to pay for the crimes of some of their race. I don't believe that all Germans need to pay for what the Nazis did either.

2021-01-03 16:34:32 UTC  

Many are already totally demoralised

2021-01-03 16:34:37 UTC  

And accept this faith

2021-01-03 16:34:42 UTC  

Well not all..

2021-01-03 16:34:50 UTC  

The nazis didn't do anything out of the ordinary.

Since the holocaust didn't happen.