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2016-09-18 21:45:20 UTC  


2016-09-18 22:29:24 UTC  

nah, best chinkphone with S820 is a MI5 or Z2.

2016-09-18 22:30:23 UTC  


2016-09-18 22:40:34 UTC  

@Dra whats the icon from

2016-09-18 22:40:38 UTC  

looks familiar

2016-09-18 22:40:50 UTC  


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2016-09-18 22:41:19 UTC  

yeah it looks like i seen it somewhere else

2016-09-18 22:41:25 UTC  

steam maybe

2016-09-18 22:41:32 UTC  


2016-09-18 22:42:21 UTC

2016-09-18 22:42:45 UTC  

thats what i recognized it from lmao

2016-09-18 22:46:18 UTC  

does anyone have the shimapan review with images imgur link

2016-09-18 22:48:55 UTC  

IUNI u2 and u3 phones were reviewed well i think

2016-09-18 22:51:55 UTC  

might wait for axon 7 for dat 5v/4a charge speed

2016-09-18 22:53:29 UTC  
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2016-09-18 23:48:02 UTC  
2016-09-19 01:48:41 UTC  

Why is it taking so long to ship a usb flasdrive?

2016-09-19 02:45:50 UTC  

@NEON When did you order?

2016-09-19 02:45:56 UTC  

Was it one of the MINISEAS ones?

2016-09-19 03:02:25 UTC  

@NEON did you buy from ali? I usually message the seller if it takes longer than usual

2016-09-19 03:05:13 UTC  

My hybrids increase volume when i touch the wire fml

2016-09-19 03:09:03 UTC  

@uamee Yep, the same one you got ,16 gb

2016-09-19 03:12:28 UTC  

@NEON Where you based?

2016-09-19 03:12:42 UTC  

For New Zealand, it took just over a week I think

2016-09-19 03:12:57 UTC  

@uamee the US, feels bad man

2016-09-19 03:12:58 UTC  

my keyboard came in a week

2016-09-19 03:13:02 UTC  

said it was 40 days tho

2016-09-19 03:13:08 UTC  

also in the US

2016-09-19 03:13:16 UTC  

guess it depends on how busy the sweatshops are

2016-09-19 03:14:29 UTC  


2016-09-19 03:14:33 UTC  

My review is there

2016-09-19 03:14:39 UTC  

But I'm not American.

2016-09-19 03:14:40 UTC  


2016-09-19 03:18:47 UTC  

tfw insufficient funds

2016-09-19 03:23:25 UTC  

At least I got a good price right?

2016-09-19 03:28:11 UTC  

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2016-09-19 04:26:30 UTC  

Looks like all the redni note 3's have disapered off of aliexpress