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2020-09-10 07:41:05 UTC  

with corona

2020-09-10 07:41:11 UTC  

which they made it look like America did it

2020-09-10 07:41:21 UTC  

it's a purposeful attempt at sparking ww3

2020-09-10 07:41:23 UTC  

take your meds

2020-09-10 07:41:25 UTC  

and idiots like you are falling for it

2020-09-10 07:41:35 UTC  

nice shill post there newfed

2020-09-10 07:41:35 UTC  

COVID was made in a Chinese lab

2020-09-10 07:41:39 UTC  


2020-09-10 07:41:41 UTC  

it was made in America

2020-09-10 07:41:42 UTC

2020-09-10 07:41:45 UTC  

by Charles Lieber and his team

2020-09-10 07:41:50 UTC  

he then smuggled it into China

2020-09-10 07:41:52 UTC  

and was arrested for it

2020-09-10 07:41:56 UTC  

Lieber is a jew

2020-09-10 07:42:01 UTC  

he has direct ties to Israel

2020-09-10 07:42:07 UTC  

Post YFW Aen’s takes are proven right again

2020-09-10 07:42:20 UTC  


2020-09-10 07:42:47 UTC  

Diogenes the Doge

2020-09-10 07:42:53 UTC  

Lieber is/was head of nanotechnology and bioengineering at harvard

2020-09-10 07:43:00 UTC  

Brb changing my UN and pfp to that

2020-09-10 07:43:04 UTC  

Black people refusing to let white people renovate old public housing because they think its historic.

2020-09-10 07:43:06 UTC  

and has direct ties to the cia, mossad through the endowment fund scandal in the 90s they ran with harvard

2020-09-10 07:43:20 UTC  


2020-09-10 07:43:48 UTC  

@FalconTed stop being a sucker, the beef with the chinks is only pushed by Amerimutt media and zionists because China started backing Iran against Israel

2020-09-10 07:43:57 UTC  

Love living in a bubble

2020-09-10 07:44:03 UTC  

Trump is right, gung ho amerimutt soldier types are losers and suckers

2020-09-10 07:44:10 UTC  

wanting to die for Israel makes you a sucker

2020-09-10 07:44:12 UTC  


2020-09-10 07:44:29 UTC  

@KH are you familiar with some of the ideas Peter Thiel espouses about things?

2020-09-10 07:44:45 UTC  

Like technological stagnation, minimising violence etc.?

2020-09-10 07:45:03 UTC  

As well as BTFOing modern academia?

2020-09-10 07:45:57 UTC  

No one is trying to die for Israel. Just in terms of population and industrial power China is a far greater threat to American interests.

2020-09-10 07:45:59 UTC  

Guys you got to elect more women into political positions as you wageslave lifting freight at Amazon.

2020-09-10 07:46:14 UTC  

thiel is a homosexual

2020-09-10 07:46:19 UTC  

I know

2020-09-10 07:46:28 UTC  

I haven't really6 paid much attention

2020-09-10 07:46:32 UTC  

But some of his ideas are very interesting

2020-09-10 07:46:36 UTC  

at first glance that sounds like libertarian f*a*ggotry