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2017-04-16 12:16:45 UTC  

Dear lord what the fuck did I just read

2017-04-16 12:16:54 UTC  

low effort trolling

2017-04-16 12:17:07 UTC  

Nationalism: patriotic feeling, principles, or efforts.

2017-04-16 12:17:17 UTC  

advocacy of political independence for a particular country.

2017-04-16 12:17:19 UTC  


2017-04-16 12:17:29 UTC  

Sure sounds like a concept less than three hundred years old

2017-04-16 12:18:07 UTC  

why is national socialism on the far left of the spectrum, I thought hitler was a authoritarian centrist that blended parts of free market economics and social safety nets to create national socialism?

2017-04-16 12:18:08 UTC  

do you know who Edward Bellamy is

2017-04-16 12:18:31 UTC  

Because Nazis weren't actual national socialists

2017-04-16 12:18:44 UTC  

what do you mean?

2017-04-16 12:18:54 UTC  

im actually confused now

2017-04-16 12:19:13 UTC  

SS Socialism socialist

2017-04-16 12:19:18 UTC  

because everyone says it wasnt real communism w.e when the autocracy leads to mass murder

2017-04-16 12:19:26 UTC  

NatSocs as a political entity in war-period Germany were somewhere between Nationalism and Totalitarianism on that chart

2017-04-16 12:19:56 UTC  

that chart is a meme

2017-04-16 12:19:59 UTC  


2017-04-16 12:20:02 UTC  

SS stood for Schutzstaffel which roughly translates to protection service

2017-04-16 12:20:13 UTC  

It's what the actual political ideologies are

2017-04-16 12:20:25 UTC  

And not your fedora-tier make believe ideas of them are

2017-04-16 12:20:40 UTC  

Anywho Bellamy is a so-so author, what about him

2017-04-16 12:20:51 UTC  

Christian socialist

2017-04-16 12:21:05 UTC  

If you really think he was the first person to think, "Hey, isn't our country great?" You're a raging fucking retard

2017-04-16 12:21:07 UTC  

started socialism

2017-04-16 12:21:08 UTC  

And the worst kind

2017-04-16 12:21:12 UTC  

the willfull kind

2017-04-16 12:21:15 UTC  


2017-04-16 12:21:30 UTC  

Socialism has been around a fucking lot longer than him

2017-04-16 12:21:35 UTC  

Just how uneducated are you

2017-04-16 12:22:37 UTC  

And marxist socialism, which is what you're thinking of, was coined by guess who

2017-04-16 12:22:45 UTC  

I'll give you a guess

2017-04-16 12:22:52 UTC  

It's in the name, you can do it

2017-04-16 12:23:34 UTC  

Roman used socialism to bring Christianity under control in the middle east

2017-04-16 12:23:49 UTC  

Lol fucking what

2017-04-16 12:23:57 UTC  

Socialism is a political/economic system

2017-04-16 12:24:07 UTC  

Romans used good ol fashioned wholesale violence

2017-04-16 12:24:14 UTC  

Also Marx was born and published before Bellamy

2017-04-16 12:24:19 UTC  

look up christian socialism

2017-04-16 12:24:49 UTC  

You just tried to tell me that Bellamy invented to concept of socialism

2017-04-16 12:24:51 UTC  

Make up your mind

2017-04-16 12:25:30 UTC  

no bellamy started nationalism

2017-04-16 12:25:45 UTC  

No he fucking didn't