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2018-08-31 04:07:28 UTC this was a great sermon.

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We're created and designed to live this life and existence on the ground. We are not created to be floating. Up is up and down is down. I could give you a answer such as density, buoyancy volume or friction between atoms, electromagnetism, electricity flows towards the ground itself along with temperature and pressure...but the real answer is we just don't know for sure what gravity is or how it works exactly. Some would say down is down because that is how God made it.

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The ‘history is all fake’ crowd tend to have an agenda as well. Sure history is written by the winners, but they didn’t put millions of balls of 98% pure sulfur (which can’t occur in nature) along the Dead Sea where the five cities were located.

According to Abraham it rained fire and sulfur against those 5 cities and turned them into ash (calcium carbonate).

Pure sulfur isn’t natural.

You get 38-40% sulfur from volcanic activity.

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It’s from the ruins of ghomorrah.

The walls were a limestone concrete. They were heated to a point where they’re were baked into calcium phosphate.

And there’s no volcanic activity there.

Which is why people who have this really profane understanding of ‘what the Bible really means’ when you can go here yourself and see the ruins.