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There is different types of eclipses. First, solar eclipses, I think it is the moon blocking the sun, which I believe could be possible no matter the earths shape. Some eastern cultures believe it's another dark body like Rahu that is blocking the sun and that the moon is actually behind the sun. 2 reasons for this. 1. They believe there should be earth shine reflecting from the earth back to the moon and so we should be able to see the moons face, but we don't. 2. If it was the moon blocking the sun then the edge of the moon they believed would show as rough with craters and mountains but to them was smooth with no rough edges. Next, lunar eclipses, I've not been able to explain really without speculating myself. I've seen some interesting things about them. The shape of the shadow varying is interesting as it's not always as curved as they say it is from what I've looked at. Before people scoff at this line of questioning about lunar eclipses they should take into account that all eclipses have been predicted before the globe model was invented.

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The theory of a round earth is based off the fact that the moon has a curved shadow on it and we can't see the sun so it was assumed that it was the earth that was casting the shadow. The issue with that is that there is what is called Selenelion eclipse, which is when the observer can see the sun and the moon in the sky above the horizon at the same time, which means its impossible for the earth to be casting the shadow onto the moon, also the shadow is seen coming from the top down, which is weird because the observer would assume the shadow should be coming from the bottom. The color of the lunar eclipes turning red is very odd, considering the earth has a bright blue aura. It's thought the light scatters to a red color but if thats true then the moon should get a blue aura, then red, then blue again as it passed through earths shadow, but we only see the change from normal moon colors then to red.

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U asked about eclipses

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No one is exactly sure. As no one has ever seen the moon approach or leave the sun

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Have you heard of the saros cycles

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NASA used this old method to predict eclipses

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Hows it possible for Polaris to stay perfectly above the north pole if we are tilted and spinning on an axis and orbiting the sun.

its not


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The game is rigged with this matrix

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The deceivers point to evolution and a ball earth because they are atheist or lucifarians

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90 degrees minus 23.4 tilt = 66.6

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isnt polaris in line with the earth's rotation

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The most likely explanation is that they both rotate at similar relative speeds.

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Polaris sits as our north star and hasnt moved from that spot. How is it it possible that it never moves for thousands of years if the earth is hurtling through space

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Earth is just water and clouds

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And wtf are they doing up there?

Getting tangled in front of a gree screen 😁

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I'm making an FE bot and I want it to have answers to things that newcomers/trolls ask when they first join like what is stopping us from falling off the edge to what is gravity on flat earth if you want to help with a question ping me. It doesnt need to be all the
questions just one if you know the answer (I know the answer to most
of these just different points of view) thanks!
Questions: (Think of them most starting with: If the earth is flat...)
1: What is the 24/7 live feed then?
2: Why do we see curves?
3: Why are all of the other planets round?
4: Why doesn't the Flat Earth get pulled into a sphere by gravity? If gravity doesn't exist, what makes things fall?
5: Why would the government lie about this?
6: Why don't we fall off the edge?
7: Why haven't we gone to the moon if the first one is so fake?
8: How do satellites work?
9: Do flat earthers all believe the same thing?
10: Can only religious people believe in flat earth?
11: How do the seasons work?
12. Why can I see stars that are by necessity further away from me than the sun, but not the sun? For example stars on the low northern horizon at midnight.
13. How can Antarctica be bathed in 24 hours of sunlight for months in the southern hemisphere winter as an ice ring while still only covering half of the Earth in light?
14: How do eclipses work?
15: How far is the sun?
16: Does space disprove flat earth?
17: How does the FE model explain meteors, given that they're made of rock?
18: How does GPS work, if GPS depends on satellites?
19: Why do ships appear to disappear behind the horizon, and why doesn't zooming in on them make them show up again?
20: If the ice wall broke somehow, would the water spill out? (Yes this is a common question lmao)
21: Does FE have an 100% accurate model?
22: Why do sunsets happen?
23: Is Australia real?
24: How do timezone work?
25: How close are the moon and sun to FE?
And but not least
26: Why care about the shape of the earth? Flat or globe it is still earth.

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@@Soldz (CF) wrote ⬆

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1. Not sure. Do you guys have a livestream?
2. You only see curves because of the structure of camera lenses and the refractive indices at different temperatures and pressures depending on altitude. Etc....
3..other planets are round circles because that's how we observer them.
4. We only know the effects of gravity not the cause. If anyone knew what gravity was then general relativity wouldn't be a theory anymore.
5. We dont know exactly who is lying. Most government employees most likely just believe the heliocentric model. For those that are lying, there could be many reasons but we could only speculate. More land, more resources, free energy, hide knowledge, power, money and ultimate control over minds. Its reasonable to look at evidence before a motive so i try to stay away from these kinds of speculative answers.
6. There is an edge?

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7. If they had to fake the first moon missionsx the obvious answer is they cannot go there at all.
8. Satellites could be high altitude balloons such as project echo or newer type tech such as high altitude platform systems or just high altitude drone aircrafts. Pretty sure NASAs balloon program is as big as there rocket program. Must use a lot of helium.
9. No.
10. No

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11. Seasons:
June solstice
In the figures June and December, the white represents the Suns position in hos respective months, at Noon. This shows Sunlight inside the Arctic circle for 24 hours. From June 21st the Sun move around the Tropics in a spiral circle, widening every day, until it reaches its destiny on the southern or outer Solstice, on December 21st.

December solstice
On December 21st the Sun moves around the Tropic of Capricorn, and during the day lights up the southern portion of the Earth from the Arctic Circle and some portion of Antarctic ice. There is no "sunlight" Beyond 80° south, but unknown regions of ice. On the 23rd of December the Sun commences his northward journey again, returning to his starting place and thus completes his seasons.
12. The Sun is most likely at a different altitude than the stars. Due to perspective, the Sun being closer to the ground, it will disappear then all that is left is stars.

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13. Ice is very reflective. The problem is we dont actually know if the entire "ice ring" is lit up. We only know what areas they told us are lit up.
14. Saros cycles predict eclipses and were invented around the 4th century BCE. Its possible the Moon blocking the sun creates the solar eclipse, but no one has ever seen the Moon approach or leave the sun. Some eastern cultures believe it's another dark body like Rahu that is blocking the Sun and that the Moon is actually behind the Sun. 2 reasons for this, 1. They believe there should be Earth shine reflecting from the Earth back to the Moon and so we should be able to see the Moons face, but we don't. 2. If it was the Moon blocking the Sun then the edge of the Moon, they believed, would show as rough with craters and mountains but to them was smooth with no rough edges. Next there is what is called a Selenelion eclipse, which is when the observer can see the Sun and the Moon in the sky above the horizon at the same time, which means it's impossible for the Earth to be casting the shadow onto the Moon, also the shadow is seen coming from the top down. The color of the Lunar eclipes turning red is very odd, considering the Earth has a bright blue aura. It's thought the light scatters to a red color but if thats true then the Moon should get a blue aura, then red, then blue again as it passed through Earths shadow, but we only see the change from normal Moon colors then to red.
Lunar Eclipses are still somewhat of a mystery for the flat earth model. Possibly its just some type of fluorescence happening.

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15. According to Eratosthenes experiment the Sun, if you reverse the assumptions from a round earth to a flat earth, then the Sun would triangulate to around 3000 miles high. That being said, no one really knows how far the sun is, imo.

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16. No
17. Ive never seen a meteor hit the ground. We also do not see meteors travel directly upward from below the horizon. Im not even sure shooting stars hit the ground. Id like to see a film of one impacting the surface.

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18. Ships appear to disappear from the bottom up because of optical slant. The angle the light is coming to the eye or lens. The closer the observer is to the ground, the more shallow the angle is to the target. Light will blend together as it reaches the .02 degrees angular resolution limit.

2018-11-21 23:37:35 UTC  

19. Gps uses ground towers, ocean buoys, geostationary balloon satellites and high altitude altitude platform systems.

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20. No one knows what is further than the ice shelves other than what we have been told.
21. No.

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22. Think of your Z axis, a line out from your eyes in any direction. And so if the sun were on our eye line, it would go away from you like a train and it would shrink shrink shrink, but its not on our eye line, the sun on a Flat Earth moves parallel to the ground so therefore it moves perpendicular to your eye line. So as it's going over you, it's not going to shrink. Eventually because of the gradiant slope the observer is looking from, the Sun starts to disappear from the bottom up till it is gone. all the light melds with the surrounding surface and the angular resolution of the eye or lens (they work the same) will begin to lose the object (in this case the sun) until it is unresolvable

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23. yes

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24. Time calculator

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25. Not exactly sure. But think about this. Zoom in on a building 5 miles away and then compare that to zooming in on the moon. Then think about how far the moon is.

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26. Humans always want to know the most difficult questions. The most difficult questions are where did we come from? Who made us and our home? What exactly do we live on? How does it work?

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1. All pictures of the earth from space are admitted fake.
2. We're able to see objects such as land, buildings, boats that are supposed to be behind the "curve ".
3. NASA and Obama says we can't leave low earth orbit.
4. The North Star never moves and the constellations have never changed ever.
5. Weather balloon footage and footage from airplanes show the horizon to be flat and always at eye level.
6. All of the astroNOTS that supposedly landed on the moon would not swear on the Bible.
7. Water is always level and it makes up 70% of our earth.
8. NASA gets $50,000,000 a day.
9. Operation Paperclip nazi Germany helped form NASA.
10. The heliocentric model was created by freemasonic devil worshippers.
11. Air bubbles viewed in "space".
12. AstroNOT almost drowning in "space".
13. Scuba tank viewed in "space".
14. Density and buoyancy no magic gravity.
15. Gravity strong enough to hold the oceans to the earth yet birds and planes fly with ease.
16. GoPro lenses used to fake the "curve" of earth.
17. No observable proof of evolution.
18. Sun rays come down in angles and not parallel.
19. Moon light is always colder then moon shade.
20. Super zoom cameras show that boats do not go over any curve.

2018-11-21 23:49:28 UTC  

21. Neil Degrasse Tyson says the earth is pear shaped.
22. NASA caught faking a photo of the earth on the way too the moon.
23. More than one light source during the moon landings.
24. The UN flag is a flat earth map.
25. It took Captain Cook 3 years and 60,000 miles to circumnavigate Antarctica.
26. Underground cables and ground based towers used for our communication.
27. Flight paths only make sense on a flat earth.
28. All but one challenger passengers are still alive today.
29. NASA caught using green screens.
30. No 24 hour live feed of the earth from space.
31. No actual photos of satellites in space.
32. Lighthouses
33. Sun dogs
34. Antarctica treaty
35. Admiral Byrd said that there is more land.
36. The Michelson–Morley experiment proved the earth is stationary.
37. Auguste Piccard the first man to reach the stratosphere said the earth is a flat disk upturned at the edges.
38. The sun and the moon in the sky at the same time.
39. Rockets never go straight up.
40. Bedford level experiment.
41. Tesla's real scientific findings.
42. Our own senses tell us that the earth is flat and stationary.
43. The sun and moon appear to be the same size.
44. The globe model was created 500 years before NASA.
45. No one has ever circumnavigated the earth from north to south only east and west.
46. Sun dials.
47. All the "space" agencies across the land share the same vector logo.
48. Gyroscopes.
49. Astrolabes.
50. No parallax with the stars.
51. Time lapse shows the stars makings perfect circuits around the North Star.
52. Bolivian salt flats.
53. Sun appears smaller near the horizon.
54. We only see one side of the moon.
55. Railroads.
56. Air planes fly level and don't account for the curve.
57. We've only been able to dig 8 miles into the earth yet they say we have a molten core.
58. The top of the moon being illuminated during a eclipse.
59. Stars visible thru the moon.

2018-11-21 23:49:29 UTC  

60. Faked videos of 24 hour sun in Antarctica.
61. Uranus smells like farts.
62. Antikythera Mechanism
63. Submarine parascope
64. Earth Shape changes because of climate change.
65. Operation Fishbowl
66. Operation Deepfreeze
67. Operation Highjump
68. Project Paperclip
69. Radar waves.
70. The shadow of Mt. Everest has straight lines and does not curve.
71. Millions of brainwashed people think they have seen curvature.
72. Kansas is measured as 'damn Flat".
73. Pre Seismic wave data from the kola super deep borehole.
74. No demonstration of precision maneuvers in a vacuum chamber here on earth.
75. Beams found behind hubble sts 82 video.
76. Mars lizard
77. Tamarack Mines plum Bob experiment.
78. Earth warps in official ISS video.
79. Moths in space
80. World record long distance photography.
81. Airys Success
82. Redbull jump. Texas is HUGE, Fisheye lens.
83. Satelloons (project echo)
84. USGS says if uplift didn't take place, earths surface would be reduced to a single flat plane from erosion.
85. Disney and NASA collaboration.