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2017-05-22 19:15:00 UTC  

unless you got a lumg injury that never properly healed?

2017-05-22 19:15:08 UTC  

the rib itself wouldn't really matter

2017-05-22 19:15:16 UTC  

Well it did but the scar tissue couldve messed ir up

2017-05-22 19:15:25 UTC  

right, yeah that makes sense

2017-05-22 19:15:27 UTC  

scar tissue

2017-05-22 19:15:33 UTC  

Im not sure ir doesnt affect when i run or do exercise

2017-05-22 19:15:42 UTC  


2017-05-22 19:15:45 UTC  

I just wheeze sometimes that makes me cough

2017-05-22 19:15:50 UTC  

how did it happen? Road traffic accident?

2017-05-22 19:15:58 UTC  

yeah makes sense, wheeze, cough

2017-05-22 19:15:58 UTC  

not exactly

2017-05-22 19:16:08 UTC  

care to share? I am curious

2017-05-22 19:16:10 UTC  

We were mudding and the rope wasnt sevure

2017-05-22 19:16:23 UTC  

we collided

2017-05-22 19:16:34 UTC  

what;s mudding, jetski in mud with a car a rope and a board?

2017-05-22 19:16:57 UTC  

Like an atv and a pool tube but like... Bigger

2017-05-22 19:17:06 UTC  


2017-05-22 19:17:29 UTC  

normal kid stufd

2017-05-22 19:17:29 UTC  

have you tried inhalers

2017-05-22 19:17:35 UTC  

for the cough

2017-05-22 19:17:43 UTC  

Ive tried breathing treatments yeah

2017-05-22 19:17:58 UTC  


2017-05-22 19:18:03 UTC  


2017-05-22 19:18:09 UTC  

But its not an every day cough

2017-05-22 19:18:29 UTC  

But i have ir on my medical file

2017-05-22 19:18:34 UTC  

yeah I get you, was wondering what had been tried though

2017-05-22 19:18:42 UTC  

it makes sense that asthma medication would help

2017-05-22 19:18:49 UTC  


2017-05-22 19:19:23 UTC  

Yeah it relaxes the broncules things in your air sacs that allows them to deconstruct

2017-05-22 19:19:26 UTC  


2017-05-22 19:20:13 UTC  

I just know that no matter how many documents you have for it they will still ask you to see their specialists

2017-05-22 19:20:19 UTC  

And wait lists are months long.

2017-05-22 19:20:24 UTC  

yeah its one of those things unfortunately

2017-05-22 19:20:28 UTC  

persistent cough

2017-05-22 19:20:44 UTC  

the US is so much more litigous in its medical culture as well

2017-05-22 19:20:58 UTC  

that these people are essentially forced to go through with unnecessary referrals etc.

2017-05-22 19:23:54 UTC  

Yeah. And on top of that you can't have a doctor who knows you by name anymore.

2017-05-22 19:24:26 UTC  

how come?

2017-05-22 19:25:06 UTC  

my fiance does medical malpractice litigation and has a lot of really interesting insights into this field

2017-05-22 19:25:17 UTC  

she's really pessimistic too

2017-05-22 19:26:00 UTC  

doctors don't know you by name because general practitioners are dying out and the field is fracturing into nothing but specialist doctors who see endless patients