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2017-11-06 19:04:57 UTC  

robots cars etc

2017-11-06 19:05:01 UTC  

Knew it. I told you, embrace it

2017-11-06 19:05:05 UTC  

that's actually rather favorable depending on the genetics of the particular japanese family

2017-11-06 19:05:14 UTC  

if it's a good hafu they are superior to americans

2017-11-06 19:05:26 UTC  

the best asians I do not even consider POC

2017-11-06 19:05:32 UTC  

oh kool

2017-11-06 19:05:37 UTC  

Depending on the genetics of the particular American family

2017-11-06 19:05:48 UTC  

most americans are quadroons

2017-11-06 19:05:55 UTC  

dude i joined this just for the vcs, and i see endless debates going on here all the time

2017-11-06 19:05:57 UTC  

whats a quadroon?

2017-11-06 19:06:02 UTC  

a 1/4 black

2017-11-06 19:06:22 UTC  

does that make them POC? or are they considered white enough

2017-11-06 19:06:30 UTC  

I consider them "white dalits"

2017-11-06 19:06:33 UTC  


2017-11-06 19:06:48 UTC  

I actually believe it's highly important to incorporate the best of the asian race and the best of the nordic race to recreate the original aryans

2017-11-06 19:06:48 UTC  

exilarch youre a sniveling little jew

2017-11-06 19:06:53 UTC  

Ex, a lot of blacks, still majority white

2017-11-06 19:07:15 UTC  

and jews like you will be einsatzgruppened

2017-11-06 19:07:25 UTC  


2017-11-06 19:07:28 UTC  

in my view the ideal human is like 1/8-1/4 of the most robust racial japanese and koreans, the remainder is icelandic

2017-11-06 19:08:02 UTC  

That's nice, anime kid will be happy to hear that

2017-11-06 19:08:13 UTC  

exilarch my friends mom is white and dad is black but he look 100% white. is that ok?

2017-11-06 19:08:14 UTC  

Where you from ex?

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2017-11-06 19:08:33 UTC  

there are a few character traits whites systematically bred out of themselves under the direction of catholicism, I think the only solution to regain those traits is to introduce a select amount of asian blood

2017-11-06 19:08:39 UTC  

because they have not been catholic'd

2017-11-06 19:08:49 UTC  

so they are still collectivist, hierarchical, machiavellian, etc

2017-11-06 19:08:58 UTC  

exil wat if he was a rape baby? he looks pretty aryan to me.

2017-11-06 19:09:03 UTC  

This channel ius turning out to be a cuckold troll channel

2017-11-06 19:09:05 UTC  

rape baby?

2017-11-06 19:09:12 UTC  

if he is black he is dalit

2017-11-06 19:09:30 UTC  

Exilarch is the standard to which we should judge ourselves

2017-11-06 19:09:39 UTC  

I am not a cuck, I am not even into race mixing, I just want to recreate original aryans who were basically really eugenic russians

2017-11-06 19:09:41 UTC  

anyday i post fewer things than exilarch i feel productive

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2017-11-06 19:10:11 UTC  

exilarchget a genome done

2017-11-06 19:10:14 UTC  

@Deleted User 57835c2c but to recreate the original aryans we have to race mix bro how do u explain that

2017-11-06 19:10:15 UTC  

I already did

2017-11-06 19:10:22 UTC  

i wanna see your 23andme

2017-11-06 19:10:26 UTC  

I didn't call you a cuck

2017-11-06 19:10:27 UTC  

Race mix?