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@Some Weeb @hydrachron Read "How to Debate Lefists and Destroy them" by Ben Sharpio

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Its very short but well made and its a dollar on Amazon

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sounds like a good read, thanks

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found a pdf

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and thats a quick overview

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This needs to be pinned so we can refer to it when leftists get mad

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`The Effects of the New Deal`

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```Our main finding is that New Deal cartelization policies are a key factor behind the weak recovery, accounting for about 60 percent of the difference between actual output and trend output. The key depressing feature of New Deal policies is not government-sponsored collusion per se, but rather it is the policy linkage between paying high wages and being able to collude. Our model shows that high wages reduced employment directly in the cartelized sectors of the economy, and also reduced employment in the non-cartelized sectors through general equilibrium effects. We conclude that the recovery from the Depression would have been much stronger if these policies not been adopted.```

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Idk if educational

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**This channel is for educational text, film, and literature only.**

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Does anyone @here know what this is?

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@Saxon Freemason slogan, I think from googling

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Freemasons are creepy fuckers

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@FoxPod Yeah, I can't find out what it symbolizes. The "Star of David" is two triangles that are merged together, the Star of Solomon looks exactly like the Star of David, but it is intertwined like this 9-point star. I'd guess that this one is pretty damned important.

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Why is there a freemason building in everytown, even small hick towns

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The devil has his finger in every pie

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Yeah thats the question I started asking myself lately.

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That's what I think it could be @FoxPod

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Like even a small hick town

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Its weird

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It looks more like a "Star" than the star of david & Solomon

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And Satan = the Sun God = the Sun is a star

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Here's the translation if you're interested:

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Bahá’u’lláh also will offer a prize for people loyal to him, remember that he must imitate the Lord Jesus, to try to mislead the Christians in particular

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The star of David is stolen from the Star of Vishnu.

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This is why there shouldn't be images of anything in heaven or earth in Churches

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*"The Serpent Lord was Enki but in parts of Chaldea he had been called Shaitan."* - Genesis of the grail kings by laurence gardner. Shaitan is arabic for Satan. In ancient Sumeria the epithet "SAT-AN" refers to "supreme chieftain of the Annuna; Hence God" who appears to be Enki according to the Eridu Scriptures. According to the ancient Sumerian tablets, Enki is the benevolent creator of humanity.
Also, in the Yezidi Scriptures Melek Ta'us (the Yazidis God) is Shaitan. The yezidis came from India, where Melek Ta'us is Murugan, which is another aspect of Sanat Kumara, which is an anagram of "Satan" and also an eastern name for Lucifer. The Yazidi Calendar is 7,000 years old, much older then the Jewish one, which means Melek Ta'us/Shaitan pre-dates Judaism by thousands of years as God.

2017-10-09 05:57:49 UTC