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Aboriginal Australians make up 2% if the Australian population but 27% of prisoners. Source:[email protected]/Lookup/by%20Subject/4517.0~2014~Main%20Features~Prisoner%20characteristics,%20Australia~4
Maori natives are 15% of the population but account for half of New Zealand’s prisoners. Source:
Gypsies are 5% of Britain’s prisoners but only .1% of Britain’s population. Source:
Jews are overrepresented in top colleges relative to their academic achievements. Source:
75-80% of art dealers, curators, and critics are Jewish. Source:
Alleles harmful to health are more common in Ashkenazi Jews than in the general population. Source:
2.3% of Jews are inbred. Source:
The average Gypsy has an IQ below 80. Source:
70% of Irish travellers, also known as gypsies, are unemployed. Source:
Gypsies are .5% of the Irish population but commit 4.4% of child neglect. Source:
Cousin marriage and uncle-niece marriage are common in many Sephardic Jewish communities. Source:
Native Americans have an average IQ of 87. Source:

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In Britain, Gypsies make up .1% of the population but 10% of serious youth criminals. Source:
Jews are 10% of Princeton’s students, an overrepresentation of 500%. Source:
Jews are between one quarter and one third of Ivy League college students. Source:
At Ivy League colleges, Jews are overrepresented and minorities are proportionally represented. Source:
In 1934, Jews held 38.5% of senior Soviet security posts. Source:,7340,L-3342999,00.html

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Weed Causes Long Term Cognitive Damage:

Weed Causes Depression And Anxiety Disorders:

Weed Reduces Volume Of Various Regions Of The Brain And Negatively Effects Motivation/General Function :

Weed raises Estrogen levels:

Weed decreases testosterone and growth hormone:

Weed Causes Psychotic Disorders:

Weed Causes Cancer:(yes I know just open your mind and read it)

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Children of Fathers that Smoke Weed More Likely To Suffer Sudden Infant Death Syndrome:

Weed Legalisation Results In More Frequent Use:

Weed Causes Lung Damage:

Secondhand Weed Smoke Impairs Psychomotor Function And Working Memory:

Weed Worsens Symptoms Of Social Anxiety Disorder:

>Brain Changes Are Associated with Casual Marijuana Use in Young Adults

>Cannabis Smoking 'Permanently Lowers IQ'

>Cannabis Use, Abuse, and Dependence

>Cannabis Use and Risk of Lung Cancer

>Cannabis Use Steals 8 IQ Points from the Teenage Mind

>Decreased dopamine brain reactivity in marijuana abusers is associated with negative emotionality and addiction severity

>Effects of Marijuana

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Smoking on Pulmonary Function and Respiratory Complications

>The Health Effects of Marijuana

>The brains of chronic users produce less dopamine

>Marijuana lowers IQ

>Long and Short Term Effects of Marijuana Use

>Longtime Marijuana Use Linked With Decreased Motivation, Study Finds

>Marijuana May Cause Heart Problems in Young Adults

>Marijuana is a neurotoxin

>Cannabis-impaired approximately doubles car crash risk and that around one in 10 regular cannabis users develop dependence. Regular cannabis use in adolescence approximately doubles the risks of early school-leaving and of cognitive impairment and psychoses in adulthood. Regular cannabis use in adolescence is also associated strongly with the use of other illicit drugs. These associations persist after controlling for plausible confounding variables in longitudinal studies.

>Marijuana induces schizophrenia-like brain changes, which may result in

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n0 sm0k wid?

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According to articles with special interests and weak ass proofing sources anyways.

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Anyway, wid is bed. K?

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2017-10-30 05:41:27 UTC  

do you have dumb

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You don't need weed

2017-10-30 05:42:51 UTC  

No, it's just that I realize the information referred to from pefimous was cherry picked.

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I understand that, but still, it makes you think

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providing sources from medical studies isn't cherry picking is it

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nobody cares about USA

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And showing the "studies" by some potheads is not cherry picking?

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I thought this was an information and education channel?

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not anymore

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Yes it is if your picking from sources that suggest one condition, and there exists double blind peer reviewed scientific studies which suggest the opposite condition.

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then provide them

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there are multiple studies in there from the national center for biotechnology info

2017-10-30 05:47:26 UTC  

and national library of medicine

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does it have to be from nibs?

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I'll show you data supporting cannabis's relative neurologic safety some other time. I have other things i'd rather be doing atm. I have to say if you've looked into this at all you'd know theres studies that suggest negative and positive consequences of cannabis use according to just about any parameter you could conceive. ProCon is a good place to get started.

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There are positives of using various forms of 'weed,' but not the kind many would think of such as just smoking, especially with THC inside

2017-10-31 07:37:25 UTC  

there are benefits to an extraction of cannabinoids akin to the benefits of using fresh oregano

2017-10-31 07:39:02 UTC  

and thanks @xX NegroSaki Samurai Xx as I'm sure there are other sources to doubly support all that you have posted here and these studies weren't just 'cherry-picked'

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I was watching this without sound but unless he says them, there are no credible sources for this

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Not only that, but one of the only photos he uses to tie camps to Americans is a poorly cropped image

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If you look closely you can see the edges of this too sharp and the lighting is wrong

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