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That said, there are also people on the extreme opposite end of the spectrum who should not be given any sort of power.

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Charlemagne was such an example.

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His moderating style effectively consisted of the following:

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I'm really worried about present events these days

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shame that everyone knows about the dangers of the far-right

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"Are you a Jew?"

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If you say no: "No, you are a Jew. *cucks*"

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If you say yes: "Okay. *cucks*"

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but a far too sizable chunk of people will um and er about the far-left

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I found it exceptionally hilarious that Charlemagne was so unabashedly antisemitic

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given the following

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there is nothing wrong with antisemitism

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Uno momento.

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There is when you're a Jew yourself

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you voice support for dictatorships, you'll be socially ostracised

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not the case if you support any of the Communist regimes

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>91.0% Ashkenazi Jew

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that's ironic as fuck

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Self-hate is an irrational belief that, in my opinion, should not exist amongst the mod team

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kill a commie for your mommie

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did a neo-Nazi recently get exposed for having a Jewish wife?

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people like him are like unicorn tears

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it must have been like jesus stepped through the door every time he genuinely laughed at a jew joke

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I mean, I have issues with Pefimous, but Pef doesn't hate his own race and crusade for the forcing into labor camps of all whites

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wait what

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yeah, what lol

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one of the mods was a self-loather?

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Charlemagne(aka Dogbert) on CC was, yes

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He is not part of the mod team here, nor was he a part of the mod team at CC when it folded.

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auto-cuck self-loathers

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He was a self-hating Jew

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I dunno, if he has a conclusion that he has come to that he finds is worth more time more than standing with something that he would seem to disagree with for the rest of his life, then good for him