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2017-09-30 13:10:28 UTC  

@futurestorms some police officers have already been harmed

2017-09-30 13:10:34 UTC  

@futurestorms from what i saw it looked like they were winning and the police were losing.

2017-09-30 13:10:44 UTC  

the police are pussies

2017-09-30 13:10:56 UTC  

Polisman are weak in scandanavia

2017-09-30 13:10:59 UTC  


@likelycooler about 2 of the admins stayed back at the CC even tho it's a sinking ship, and want to try and "revive" it using the autism of a weeaboo

2017-09-30 13:11:08 UTC  


2017-09-30 13:11:15 UTC  

but the police in Scandinavia aren't used too demonstrations like these

2017-09-30 13:11:36 UTC  

That's good and bad I guess. Means more power to Nordfront

2017-09-30 13:11:48 UTC  

but its estimated that it will be more violence later today in the streets when the demonstration is over

2017-09-30 13:11:53 UTC  


2017-09-30 13:11:55 UTC  

But are they just nationalists or flat out swastika bearing nazis?

@likelycooler some of the other mods either decided that "nah, not gonna bother with it" or haven't been online since the switch

2017-09-30 13:12:11 UTC  

National Socialists I think.

2017-09-30 13:12:11 UTC  

they're more nationalists i would guess

2017-09-30 13:13:28 UTC  

well more to come, i suppose. i appreciate you recating a new discord chat

2017-09-30 13:15:35 UTC  

@hansax Ok.The word nazi gets thrown around too easily. Being a nationalist is a bit removed from being a nazi.

2017-09-30 13:15:54 UTC  

on the news they call the mfor new nazies

2017-09-30 13:16:01 UTC  

they are nazies

2017-09-30 13:16:05 UTC  

they're extremists

2017-09-30 13:16:14 UTC  

@Truculent Yeas. Nordfront says they are national socialist on their site.

2017-09-30 13:16:18 UTC  

who wanna throw out all who ain't arctic

2017-09-30 13:16:35 UTC  

@futurestorms of course they do, no one call themself for nazies

2017-09-30 13:16:45 UTC  

then they wouldn't been this big

2017-09-30 13:21:56 UTC  

Patriot role and 2.0

2017-09-30 13:22:27 UTC  

Just like our server<:ThonkButWat:362811409928552449>

2017-09-30 13:23:22 UTC  

yeah like your server

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2017-09-30 13:24:49 UTC  

@trent I saw that

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2017-09-30 13:25:01 UTC  

who does that

2017-09-30 13:25:08 UTC  

Still waiting the partner ship from king, he's inactive ?