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@4450 Show me those sources.

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@Ylva dickhead

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Show me

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I would like to argue this further.

2017-10-04 22:41:09 UTC  

@Wheelz Survival influences Tribalism and Nationalism

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Some time when I am not busy.

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Well it's not like I could explain it to a bunch of low iq thiests if they need a sky daddy XD

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You can have objective ways of maximizing for a set of subjective moral values. That's the closest thing you can get to objective morality.

2017-10-04 22:41:50 UTC  

@shrub I am speaking in a broad sense, pertaining to the constructs you speak of.

2017-10-04 22:41:59 UTC  

Morality isn't subjective either

2017-10-04 22:42:02 UTC  

Tribalism and Nationalism as they are, influence and can make a mass-society,aka a good amount of societies mixed together with similar culture, ethnos etc to form a civilization @Wheelz

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>Ethnic diversity

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a sham like the "melting pot"

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@shrub I know this, but I disagree for I think morality is defined by other more primitive aspects.

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@Wheelz It is

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"its ok to be racist"

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It modifies undergoing it's transition to civilization

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so much fucking dickheads in this world

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5th i've came across so far

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It's ok to be racist to a certain degree

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this week

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@Logical-Scholar who tf told you that

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@The23rdPower >low iq "thiests"
>sky daddy
Successfull refutation <:FeelsGoodMan:356316480645890048>

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Nobody told me that, I don't need help to think.

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@4450 Cry more, you trog

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@shrub In my opinion, I think it happens prior to the formation of constructs.

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@Walter im not crying

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@4450 @4450 "According to a 2012 survey there were 1 473 256 foreign born within the country making up 15% of the population." >70K

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@Ylva i'm talking poc

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>pinging twice

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It's called an independent mind, try it some time @4450

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@4450 Racism is a sham word as well, and lack there of it. People can be allowed to live with who they want. People like you and others that want a multiracial, multiracial etc country to not be racist should be given it, but as things go you will all become one ethnicity and one culture in time

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Atheism is good

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@Ylva dummy