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2017-10-10 02:28:02 UTC  

The president is an irresponsible sexist bigot!! 1!! 1!1!
(But let's give the govt. all of your guns)

2017-10-10 02:28:15 UTC  

wtf is with these Rick n Morty fans???

2017-10-10 02:28:21 UTC  

Lame ass kids, fremencc

2017-10-10 02:28:28 UTC  

larping ovet fucking sauces

2017-10-10 02:28:30 UTC  

that show is very over-rated

2017-10-10 02:28:41 UTC  

sorry if thats not the popular view

2017-10-10 02:28:42 UTC  

@Scary_Clown no wtf dude the Nazis invented life as we know it

2017-10-10 02:28:43 UTC  


2017-10-10 02:28:48 UTC  

the virgin cartoon loses to the chad composition

2017-10-10 02:28:50 UTC  

Everything that hits the mainstream becomes shit

2017-10-10 02:28:51 UTC  

I've never actually watched Rick and Morty

Is it good?

2017-10-10 02:28:53 UTC  

not a fan of rick n morty

2017-10-10 02:28:55 UTC  

King Of The Hill is the best show

2017-10-10 02:29:01 UTC  

pretty mediocore

2017-10-10 02:29:10 UTC  

It's not a deep show @raptorclaw 66

2017-10-10 02:29:11 UTC  

and why are 9 year olds watching it?

2017-10-10 02:29:13 UTC  

Fuck dick and mount

2017-10-10 02:29:14 UTC  

whats wrong with the parents

2017-10-10 02:29:24 UTC  

rick and morty is not something a 9 year old should be watching

2017-10-10 02:29:25 UTC  


2017-10-10 02:29:26 UTC  

Rick and Morty is basically a parody of every scifi media you can think of

2017-10-10 02:29:27 UTC  

fail parenting

2017-10-10 02:29:28 UTC  

@Scary_Clown The Nazis brought the German people out of poverty while defending themselves on multiple fronts and pretty much won. It's certainly not as cut and dry as it is in our Post-War Propaganda history books.

2017-10-10 02:29:29 UTC  

The motive is because we pranked called the jimmy johns in the same city that the shooting was in

2017-10-10 02:29:38 UTC  

It's good but it's not something to get over hyped about for no fucking reason

2017-10-10 02:29:47 UTC  

@Saxon they actually put themselves into a horrible debt and forced the banks to bail them out multiple times

2017-10-10 02:29:48 UTC  

@joji on a scale of 1-10 how shallow are we talking here?

2017-10-10 02:30:01 UTC  

Better pizza

2017-10-10 02:30:05 UTC  


2017-10-10 02:30:05 UTC  

@raptorclaw 66 shallow as in bad or...what

2017-10-10 02:30:06 UTC  

Papa jones

2017-10-10 02:30:10 UTC  

and also

2017-10-10 02:30:14 UTC  

they didn't "pretty much win"

2017-10-10 02:30:16 UTC  

I CAN GO BUY THE SAUCE AT MY LOCAL STORE, but lets riot at mcdonalds

2017-10-10 02:30:21 UTC  

hitler made multiple critical mistakes that cost him the war

2017-10-10 02:30:40 UTC  

WW2 was hell on earth

2017-10-10 02:30:40 UTC  

I'm hungry

2017-10-10 02:30:42 UTC  

@joji hey, i recognize you. arent you role evading????

2017-10-10 02:30:43 UTC  

Hitler was just a man drunk on power

2017-10-10 02:30:50 UTC  

@joji oh, you said it wasn't a deep show, so I'd call 1 robot chicken, and 10... I don't know, whatever the hell is considered a deep show

2017-10-10 02:30:53 UTC  

@ordosius that makes two, eh chief?