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2017-10-22 15:42:54 UTC  

Doesn't mean the government did

2017-10-22 15:42:55 UTC  

Capitalism is a Jewish ideology as well

2017-10-22 15:42:56 UTC  

Backed by Zionism aka Jewish nationalism

2017-10-22 15:43:01 UTC  

American law and order is not good, thanks to open gun policy, can not go out at night, class must carry guns

2017-10-22 15:43:07 UTC  

for like 2 years

2017-10-22 15:43:22 UTC  

Well what's happening in America today is what happened in Germany 100 years ago

2017-10-22 15:43:31 UTC  

No, it's not

2017-10-22 15:43:35 UTC  


2017-10-22 15:43:35 UTC  

not sure

2017-10-22 15:43:42 UTC  

the pillaging is happening i guess

2017-10-22 15:43:42 UTC  

America =/= Weimar Republic

2017-10-22 15:43:43 UTC  

@ali mohamed >imblying that guns are the reason why it's unsafe to walk out at night

2017-10-22 15:43:44 UTC  

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2017-10-22 15:43:48 UTC  

Except Germany stood up like men and killed the enemy Americans are just destroying their history

2017-10-22 15:43:57 UTC  

Germany did the same shit

2017-10-22 15:44:00 UTC  

@myke hawk hitler wasn't liked by his peers

2017-10-22 15:44:03 UTC  

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2017-10-22 15:44:11 UTC  

the heroes of WW1 germany didnt like hitler

2017-10-22 15:44:13 UTC  

A gun is more harmless than a gang of negros

2017-10-22 15:44:20 UTC  

@AIDSFrodo That's an outright lie

2017-10-22 15:44:24 UTC  

Why can't women just accept that we are equal as human beings, but not the same biologically?

2017-10-22 15:44:24 UTC  

rommel, hintenburg

2017-10-22 15:44:25 UTC  

Hitler had upwards 90%+ approval rating in 1933

2017-10-22 15:44:26 UTC  

all of them didnt like hitelr

2017-10-22 15:44:31 UTC  

Rommel was only a general because he liked Hitler

2017-10-22 15:44:35 UTC  

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2017-10-22 15:44:38 UTC  

@myke hawk yeah by the people but not the heroes of ww1

2017-10-22 15:44:41 UTC  

He wasn't loyal to the ideology

2017-10-22 15:44:42 UTC  

He has the ighest approval rating to date

2017-10-22 15:44:47 UTC  

i guess

2017-10-22 15:44:48 UTC  

He was loyal to the man

2017-10-22 15:44:51 UTC  

He was a hero of ww1

2017-10-22 15:44:56 UTC  

@Patmahn who he wanted to kill?

2017-10-22 15:44:58 UTC  

Hitler was a loser

2017-10-22 15:44:59 UTC  

@Ideology Because the women of today are even more irrational and have a strong lust for power and dominance over men because of (((them)))

2017-10-22 15:45:00 UTC  

hitler wasnt a hero in ww1

2017-10-22 15:45:02 UTC  

@;5263 Iā€™m waiting for you to come to bed

2017-10-22 15:45:04 UTC  

All men who fought in WW1 were heros

2017-10-22 15:45:07 UTC  

@AIDSFrodo He wasn't a part of the plot to kill him

2017-10-22 15:45:12 UTC  

No matter what side

2017-10-22 15:45:16 UTC  

@Patmahn is your judgement better than hitler's?