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2017-11-03 16:50:06 UTC  

Yea what’s going on with that shit <:FeelsLELMan:356316501105442817>

2017-11-03 16:50:07 UTC  

They say they're gunna dress as trump supporters and cops

2017-11-03 16:50:08 UTC  

That's when they're gonna kill a bunch of fascist trash cans

2017-11-03 16:50:09 UTC  

i dont get it tbh fam like what are they going to do precisely?

2017-11-03 16:50:28 UTC  

Kill trash cans

2017-11-03 16:50:32 UTC  

except that

2017-11-03 16:50:32 UTC  

Wtf does a trump supporter look like to them

2017-11-03 16:50:40 UTC  

would be funny if people went there to protect trashcans

2017-11-03 16:50:43 UTC  

MAGA hat

2017-11-03 16:50:45 UTC  

A KKK member I guess?

2017-11-03 16:50:46 UTC  

They look racist to them

2017-11-03 16:50:52 UTC  

Polo shirt. Khakis.

2017-11-03 16:51:07 UTC  

is it gonna be like a charlottesville or?

2017-11-03 16:51:39 UTC  

They are too retarded to grasp the fact that their real identity will be exposed after they get arrested anyway.

2017-11-03 16:51:49 UTC  

Larp all you want.

2017-11-03 16:52:00 UTC  

@fr people will probably die from heartattacks yeah, it's not healthy being triggered 24/7

2017-11-03 16:52:43 UTC  

@BigManWithThePlan exactly i remember that antifa guy getting like a gun projectile right on his groin after throwing a rock or something

2017-11-03 16:52:50 UTC  

good markmanship by the officer tbh fam

2017-11-03 16:53:08 UTC

2017-11-03 16:53:39 UTC  

yo 5 minutes until opening ceremony in anaheim

2017-11-03 16:53:40 UTC  

@fr wasn't it a tear gas grenade?

2017-11-03 16:53:49 UTC  

who's ready for saturday?

2017-11-03 16:53:57 UTC  

exactly @BigManWithThePlan yeah dont remember/know what the weapon is called

2017-11-03 16:54:19 UTC  

What's there to watch?

2017-11-03 16:54:35 UTC  

wow expansion, new ow hero and maybe diablo something but yeah

2017-11-03 16:54:38 UTC  

Just annoucements about Overwatch skins and Hearthstone cards? <:pepespecial:356316713429499905>

2017-11-03 16:54:54 UTC  

mostly the wow expansion its been a tradition for me kinda

2017-11-03 16:55:08 UTC  

i celebrate blizzcon not christmas tbh fam

2017-11-03 16:55:27 UTC  

>not celebrating christmas in WoW

2017-11-03 16:55:33 UTC  

yeah double whammy

2017-11-03 16:55:35 UTC  

is the new ow hero a female with skintight bodysuit?

2017-11-03 16:55:40 UTC  

Say "Merry Christmas"

2017-11-03 16:55:56 UTC  

oh yeah what was that thing last year with retailers not using that phrase

2017-11-03 16:56:18 UTC  

"holiday tree"

2017-11-03 16:56:38 UTC  

>want the christmas jew gold
>afraid to say christmas

2017-11-03 16:57:39 UTC  

hanukkah is now known as happy holidays

2017-11-03 16:57:53 UTC  

for equality

2017-11-03 16:59:16 UTC  


2017-11-03 16:59:21 UTC  

cuz jews

2017-11-03 17:01:53 UTC  


2017-11-03 17:02:50 UTC