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2018-08-23 00:29:09 UTC  


**Topic**: *Social Issues*
**Date**: *Friday, August 24th*
**Time**: *8PM EST*

-Should the government be the one to focus on fixing social issues?
-What should the public do to try and solve social issues?
-If the government has to be the one to fix social issues, what would be the best way to do so?
-Should the Supreme Court concern itself with present and future social issues when making rulings?
-Are social issues a worthwhile cause to try and solve?

2018-08-29 23:41:59 UTC  


**Topic**: *Foreign Policy*
**Date**: *Fri, August 31th*
**Time**: *8PM EST*

-How involved should the US be with other countries, and global society itself?
-Should the US instead take an isolationist approach and ignore the world?
-Are the allies that the US currently has worth keeping/worthwhile?
-How should the US strike up deals or alliances with other countries?
-Would the US be at a disadvantage if it were to focus less on the world at large, and more on the homefront? If so, why?

2018-09-03 17:18:53 UTC  

If you are ban-evading like a pagan or know someone who was banned, you can now appeal bans via our ban appeal server:

2018-09-03 19:07:34 UTC  

**Role Update**
[+] Theist
[+] Theocrat
[+] Third Position

2018-09-05 20:25:18 UTC

2018-09-05 20:30:01 UTC  

He is compiling TempleOS in its native environment now.

2018-09-06 00:28:25 UTC  


**Topic**: *Government Reform*
**Date**: *Fri, September 7th*
**Time**: *8PM EST*

-Should the US government make an effort in some way to allow smaller political parties have more influence over policy rather than only the two main ones decide all decisions?
-Should State's Rights be more expanded, restricted, or done away with entirely?
-With all of the issues that the US faces, can the two-party constitutional republic system solve them?
-Would an alternative to capitalism be feasible/better for the US?
-In your opinion, what form of government/leadership/system would you like to see used in the US and why? If you wouldn't want change, why?

2018-09-11 03:35:29 UTC  

rip r/milliondollarextreme πŸ˜”

2018-09-12 23:29:56 UTC  


**Topic**: *University Financial Aid*
**Date**: *Fri, September 14th*
**Time**: *8PM EST*

-Should colleges give more scholarships to students majoring in STEM fields, as opposed to those studying humanities and literature?
-Should a government-enforced mandate be issued to force college campuses to be more politically-moderate?
-Is the issuing of federally-given financial aid something that must be removed to assist our economy?
-To subsidize tuition, should the government force colleges to accept an individual flat fee that matches a families tax rates instead of an annual salary?
-Do college students deserve the right to claim bankruptcy should their loans become too large to pay-off?

2018-09-20 00:55:54 UTC  


**Topic**: *Age Restriction*
**Date**: *Friday, September 21st*
**Time**: *8PM EST*

-Once 18, should an individual have full availability with drinking and gambling since they can vote and own a firearm?
-If men and women enjoy the same rights at 18, should they also be forced to sign up for the draft for the military?
-Should the age of 18 or the proof of a financially-stable career dictate whether one can earn credit?
-Should there be a singular age where an individual receives all US rights and privileges as opposed to receiving them at different years?
-How does the current US population of newly legal-adults and their actions prove that the addition or removal of age-based regulations is necessary?

2018-09-21 23:55:44 UTC  

Hello everyone! Debate Night will be starting in 5 minutes! Please head to the Debate Night voice lobby and use the <#486386451810877459> text channel to participate!

2018-09-24 00:18:27 UTC  

Pinguy is back!!! Q predicted this!

2018-09-25 04:40:52 UTC  

Unlike what my retarded <@&379361199361490945> think, TRS is actually one year old on Thursday.

2018-09-25 04:41:08 UTC  

It's all @EzraOldenstein's fault

2018-09-25 11:35:48 UTC  

TRS birthday bash festivities will start Thursday at 4PM EDT to account for our foreign friends πŸ™‚

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TRS birthday bash in one day!!!!! <:7BugMan:461094881796947968>

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TRS birthday bash tomorrow at 4PM EDT!!!!!!!! <:bugman:416588250426114049> <:bugman:416588250426114049> <:bugman:416588250426114049> <:bugman:416588250426114049> <:bugman:416588250426114049> <:bugman:416588250426114049> <:bugman:416588250426114049> <:bugman:416588250426114049> <:bugman:416588250426114049> <:bugman:416588250426114049> <:bugman:416588250426114049> <:bugman:416588250426114049> <:bugman:416588250426114049> <:bugman:416588250426114049> <:bugman:416588250426114049> <:bugman:416588250426114049> <:bugman:416588250426114049>

2018-09-27 05:08:38 UTC  

Happy birthday trs

2018-09-27 20:20:21 UTC  

@everyone The Right Server has gone 365 days without a coup!

2018-09-27 20:21:05 UTC  

Spam "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRS" 20 times in chat and we will make it another year!

2018-09-27 20:22:30 UTC  

Can’t believe I’ve let you stay owner a whole 365 days.. time to coup?

2018-09-28 03:37:28 UTC  

TRS's Alpha of the Day: @vec

2018-09-28 19:07:45 UTC  

__**TRS is proud to announce an AMA with David Knight; host of Real News on InfoWars.**__

**Who**: David Knight Host of Real News, an InfoWars show that is hosted weekdays from 8am-11am CST. **You can check that out here --> **

**When**: Tonight at 8pm Eastern Time

**What**: Mr. Knight will likely want to discuss the recent censorship of InfoWars by large companies such as YouTube, Twitter and Paypal among other things and will be fielding questions from our users.

**Where**: There have been 3 new channels added for this event: <#494976003438018561> (for text users to discuss the event), <#494975719512735748> (for users to submit questions before and during the event) and πŸ”ˆ AMA where the event will be taking place.

*Will David reveal who really runs this country? Will Kavanaugh be confirmed as the new SCOTUS Justice? What is really turning the frogs gay?*

***Find out all this and more by attending the AMA tonight at 8pm Eastern Time***

__***Alpha male libertarian hates big government, and basically, you are gay.***__

2018-09-28 23:56:00 UTC  

The live event featuring our guest David Knight is about to begin! Come in to the voice channel and begin posting your questions in the ama-channel.

2018-10-02 02:56:22 UTC  

**Terms of service violations will result in a ban without warning.**

2018-10-02 02:58:13 UTC  

This means no joking threats too, or anything of the sort.

2018-10-03 23:51:07 UTC  


**Topic**: *Healthcare*
**Date**: *Fri, October 5th*
**Time**: *8PM EST*

-Should healthcare become universal, despite tax payers and insurance payers having to pay more money?
-Should there be a push towards medicine and certain fields of medical study on college students to meet the demand of healthcare?
-How should the healthcare industry push towards being a government-independent commodity, if universal healthcare isn't attainable?
-Do citizens deserve free or reduced-pay healthcare if it means to have a stronger and healthier workforce and community?
-Should hospitals and private-care practitioners have a flat fee dependent on the individual's annual salary, instead of the cost of procedure (drugs, check-ups, surgeries, ect)

2018-10-05 01:53:11 UTC  
2018-10-06 07:55:53 UTC  

***Attitude Indicator has been unbanned***

2018-10-12 21:55:02 UTC  

**New Emote**: <:npc:500426131493617684>

2018-10-17 08:42:19 UTC  

<:trs:429686216607137813> ***DONALD TRUMP


PLEASE ABIDE BY TOS*** <:trs:429686216607137813>


2018-10-17 23:23:11 UTC  


**Topic**: *Government Assistance Programs*
**Date**: *Fri, October 19th*
**Time**: *8PM EST*

-The U.S. has several federal and state government assistance programs, including subsidized housing, SSI, food stamps/EBT, Medicare/Medicaid, and more. Should any of these be reformed, stay the same, or be done away with entirely? Should new programs be added?
-With Social Security expected to become insolvent in the year 2034, what changes should be made to extend the life of the program? Or should it be replaced with a new program?
-Between Welfare, Medicare/Medicaid, and government pensions (including Social Security) amounting to 62% of Federal Budget spending, what should be done to lower this percentage?
-What should be done to help prevent exploitation/fraud in state and federal government assistance programs?
-What requirements should there be to receive these government benefits? Should the current ones remain or should they be changed?

2018-10-18 05:18:36 UTC  

@everyone Discord has changed their Terms of Service!

Unfortunately, this change comes with a **revocation of your legal rights**. Discord has revoked your right to sue (you must go through an arbitrator) and to congregate as a class action lawsuit.

Luckily, there is an opt-out for the clause, in which **you must email [email protected]**, but **you must do it within 30 days** or you can no longer opt-out.


You can see the added clauses for yourself here: <>

I will attempt to answer some common questions.

**Is this enforceable?**

In the United States, **yes**. This was decided by the Supreme Court in 2011. See <>

In Europe, **no**. There are many clauses, a relevant one is Article 77 of the GDPR ("Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority").

**Why does this matter?**

Without the ability to congregate for a class action lawsuit, if Discord ever leaks your data or does something catastrophically bad to a large portion of the population you have no way to representatively sue together without each of you individually suing via the arbitrator.

Please see the following article: <>


1. Your right to file a complaint in the court of law is removed.
2. The arbitration system tends to heavily favour the company rather than the consumer.
3. Since your right to pool similar complaints together is taken away, the amount of damage you can do to a company that has wronged you significantly is limited to those who are willing to arbitrate.

**What you need to do to opt-out**
Email `[email protected]` from the email associated with your account, with the following (no special formatting required):
Subject: Opt-out from the arbitration clause
Content: I'd like to opt-out from your arbitration clause. user#0000

2018-10-18 05:19:27 UTC  

This will take you one minute and will preserve your right to sue or participate in a class action against Discord

2018-10-18 22:49:00 UTC  

Augustus is back up! Sorry for the down time. You can now add roles to your profile again.

2018-10-19 22:44:07 UTC  

Discord has released a statement regarding the arbitration clause

Two things they mentioned in the article are:
- No user will be penalized in anyway for opting out
- Opt-out period has extended from 30 to 90 days