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2018-10-02 22:15:26 UTC  

music share channel?

2018-10-02 22:20:26 UTC  

>imagines what people listen to

2018-10-02 22:20:33 UTC  


2018-10-02 23:27:57 UTC  

Enforce cuck martial law

2018-10-02 23:28:32 UTC  

disallow cucks from viewing <#496515828372602890>, <#486385308951379968>, <#496498646783754260>, <#486385674929307668>, and <#486227487416909835>, as well as all other channels except for <#356271865876185088>, <#350739350209822723>, and <#356271441265688578>

2018-10-02 23:28:50 UTC  

cuck all new users until they can prove they aren't journalfags or mossad

2018-10-02 23:36:38 UTC  

also retroactively cuck any suspected journalfags

2018-10-02 23:41:00 UTC  


2018-10-02 23:43:21 UTC  

@Shitford very based I hope this actually gets implemented

2018-10-02 23:48:15 UTC  

No idea why a vetting system like that wasn't already put into place

2018-10-02 23:49:41 UTC  


2018-10-02 23:49:43 UTC  

obviously Discord (pisscorp), a Jewish-owned organization that happily trades info with the SPLC, would merrily tip off WSJ folk about something literally called "The Right Server"

2018-10-02 23:50:17 UTC  

Be sure to self moderate your message a little bit

2018-10-02 23:50:36 UTC  

its fine

2018-10-02 23:50:48 UTC  

Yea just wanna be careful

2018-10-02 23:50:49 UTC  

I'm just going by the book of what I've seen.

2018-10-02 23:51:01 UTC  

Too many journalists ready to call us anti Semitic over a random comment

2018-10-02 23:52:02 UTC  

im not worried about journalists

2018-10-02 23:54:04 UTC  

Well who else would get us shut down? Discord admins?

2018-10-02 23:54:10 UTC  

As in actual admins of the company

2018-10-02 23:54:11 UTC  

(cont) especially if it'd make fuckin national news. do you know what it'd be like if
a. Unicorn Riot (antifa news net. and discord doxx hub) got a hold of our damn power level
b. CNN could twist it to push the narrative of us being a literal terrorist organization
and c. pisscorp happily sold all the info collected by usage of the discord app (including IP and all ACCs on other social media, regardless of voluntary connection)

2018-10-02 23:54:33 UTC  

Even though that’s bad for us

2018-10-02 23:54:42 UTC  

Making national news would be pretty cool

2018-10-02 23:55:13 UTC  

not if your doxx is publicly available to the soy armada (even though their only advantage is their numbers)

2018-10-02 23:55:33 UTC  

Maybe that should happen, then we can sue and take that shit to the Supreme Court and solve this mess of private corporations working in the pockets of Dems and vice versa

2018-10-02 23:56:02 UTC  

afaik David VS Goliath can't be applied to individual freedoms fighting collectives

2018-10-02 23:56:16 UTC  


2018-10-02 23:56:41 UTC  

Take this to <#486385308951379968> so there is less clutter

2018-10-02 23:56:44 UTC  


2018-10-03 01:00:46 UTC  

Establish a vetting text channel that all new users get put into before they can see all the other chat channels

2018-10-03 01:01:14 UTC  

Make them set roles and pfp and answer some questions before they could get approved to view all the other channels

2018-10-03 01:01:38 UTC  

(something like the Right Wing United server has would be mint!)

2018-10-03 01:02:46 UTC  

Also, make new role for a few highly trusted users to be able to approve/disapprove of these users in the vetting channel so you can take the majority of the new work off of the moderating teams back :)

2018-10-03 01:07:08 UTC  

This would be great to vet new users before they join (to make sure they ain't emote or antifa cunts) and make sure (((ANTIFA))) servers don't raid us and post stuff that violates discord TOS and then use the shit they posted as evidence that TRS is "violating discord TOS" in order to get the server banned

2018-10-03 01:07:33 UTC  

(Ive seen antifa servers do tricks like this before)

2018-10-03 01:08:18 UTC  

Let me know what you think of my idea :) I'd be happy to help out with the implementation of it as well if the Admin team would like me too :)

2018-10-03 01:08:59 UTC  

Better way of conveying the same idea.

2018-10-03 01:23:59 UTC  


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2018-10-03 13:22:15 UTC  

So the whole server kek

2018-10-03 13:56:01 UTC  

Poll: Is pee stored in the balls?