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Documentary on the history of Long Nose Tribe, from both points of view, through early ages to medieval Europe to today.

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tfw we have holocaust and god arguments here but this nigger just posts a garlic shit article

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__***Historical Reality of the Holocaust***__
**Jean Claude Pressac, Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers**

**Hilberg, the Destruction of the European Jews**

**Body Disposal at Auschwitz**

**The Korherr Report**

**The Höfle Telegram**

**Einsatzgruppen Reports**

**Judgment against David Irving, explaining why he is discredited as a historian**

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**General Resources**
Holocaust Denial on Trial:
Holocaust Controversies:
Unfortunately, Nizkor, which is also a good resource, has some pages that give malware warnings. It's a pretty old website and it changed ownership, so it might have been compromised. Not all pages give security warnings, but I'm still not going to link it here. There's some pages from Nizkor I do link elsewhere but none of those pages have security warnings on them.

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**Lampshades made from human skin have been discredited forever**

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from *Lucius D. Clay: An American Life* by Jean Edward Smith

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**This channel is not for discussion I don't know how many times I need to tell you retards**

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Redpill on housing:
Houses are largely built in housing developments, people buy up large tracts of land, divide them up into smaller lots, and sell the small tracts to build houses on.

They set up "homeowner's associations" into the titles of the land, so that the buyers must own and use their land and build their houses according to a certain set of rules. These rules are often that all houses must be built with a certain material, bricks are banned, so would concrete, etc. These rules are why hurricane prone housing communities typically all get wiped out in the hurricane season - so that they can be rebuilt ($$$) afterwards. Concrete houses can weather even a category 4 hurricane - this is why these building materials are banned by these fradulent homeowners associations.

The rules dictate how the houses are built, how the exterior looks, how tall, how far back from the road, etc. It is no coincidence that many of the rules about how the houses are built are specifications that must be complied with in a certain way -- the roof must be made of materials that are coincidentally sold by the seller's brother-in-law, the exterior siding must be a material that is coincidentally sold by the seller's cousin, etc. Amazing.

It's not so much the building codes (standing regulations) as it is a conspiracy by local merchants using legal techniques to control building processes.

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