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wth is alternative hypothesis about

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no hes like an autist

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like really autistic

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but hes pretty fucking smart

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he has a book?

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Atheist fedora tipper is gone

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no he just compiles research

2018-10-06 03:47:00 UTC  

He had some doors to go hold open.

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Tfw fedoras are nice tho

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#TheResistance is legitimately forming as the left adopts more and more retarded beliefs that will not be reflected by the president, congress, the supreme court. As they become fewer they become more pure to the ideology and thus militant. They will scream "white supremacist police state" when dealt with in response. Leftism is a slowburning form of suicide-by-police, really

2018-10-06 03:51:12 UTC  

Commies hop in the oven reee

2018-10-06 03:51:14 UTC  

should The sale of genetically modified food should be banned .

2018-10-06 03:51:40 UTC  

No? I would restrict pesticide usage, but not GMOs.

2018-10-06 03:51:40 UTC  

The left has been corrupted so has the right but the left has got very much *pretending leftist* specially from some groups I won't name. They have lost their ideologies and has started to play identity politics.

2018-10-06 03:52:09 UTC  

There's quite a good deal of research on GMOs that says they aren't bad.

2018-10-06 03:52:11 UTC  

GMOs don't pose any issues whatsoever.

2018-10-06 03:52:39 UTC  

Pesticides, if misused, can become toxic to the user and may deem harmful, thus they should be regulated - but not banned entirely.

2018-10-06 03:52:46 UTC  

should rape be legal

2018-10-06 03:53:08 UTC  

Unless they're modified with a pesticide like Roundup, I don't see an issue.

2018-10-06 03:53:20 UTC  

We need greater yields of corn to feed unending amounts of somalis - Monsanto

2018-10-06 03:53:21 UTC  

It's important to keep in mind that there are numerous pesticidal compounds out there.

2018-10-06 03:53:35 UTC  

Assuming you're talking about the pesticides used on farms, yeah, there's no problem

2018-10-06 03:54:45 UTC  

should goverments provide an universal basic income

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*pulls out dick*
Lube it
Flick it
Twist it
Pull it


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Oops, accidentally created herbicide resistant superweeds because we needed more fucking corn. Whoops!

2018-10-06 03:55:16 UTC  

No, since it isn't working elsewhere whatsoever.

2018-10-06 03:55:47 UTC  

I want more corn

2018-10-06 03:55:48 UTC  

Canada dropped their income plan.

2018-10-06 03:56:01 UTC  

Chicago is trying one rn

2018-10-06 03:56:10 UTC  

Don't believe it's working last time I heard

2018-10-06 03:56:13 UTC  

Oopsie, ecological collapse is now entirely possible because I can't stop fucking with nature! Dang!

2018-10-06 03:56:25 UTC