Message from Whitecheese in Anticom #general

2017-04-11 18:32:27 UTC  

Nugget has to do.

2017-04-11 18:32:43 UTC  

Can't you get those neutered "not AR" ARs?

2017-04-11 18:32:49 UTC  

Also I'm not buying a fucking HBAR

2017-04-11 18:33:03 UTC  

@doglad finally something unambigously good

2017-04-11 18:33:55 UTC  

Is an hbar legal in MD? How is that not an "assault weapon"

2017-04-11 18:34:19 UTC  

Don't fucking know.

2017-04-11 18:34:40 UTC  

Why not get a garand? Word is CMP will be getting some from flipland soon.

2017-04-11 18:34:47 UTC  

Also I'm a poor fag, I just spend money repairing an old dual trace oscilloscope.

2017-04-11 18:34:48 UTC

2017-04-11 18:34:52 UTC  

Get that delicious ping action

2017-04-11 18:35:36 UTC  

Yeah, I do like Garands, next surp would probably be a K98k since I heard zipperheads are bringing some in with Garands and muh Nazi aesthetic.

2017-04-11 18:36:25 UTC  

My buddy bought one a year or so ago, I think his was around 650

2017-04-11 18:36:34 UTC  

The garand that is

2017-04-11 18:37:07 UTC  

I've looked at some and they seem to go for around 750 now.

2017-04-11 18:37:35 UTC  

The flip shipment may result in lowering of the price.

2017-04-11 18:38:28 UTC  

on the lighter side of things, some people apparently thought he was denying the gas chambers existed

2017-04-11 18:38:43 UTC  

All though i just spent most of my money on an oscilloscope, two magnetrons and some Microwave RF parts. Hopefully I can get a rudimentary radar up and running soon.

2017-04-11 18:39:26 UTC  

If you're strapped for cash, and need a gun I'd refer to my earlier post and get a hi point carbine.

2017-04-11 18:39:49 UTC  

I've got a nugget now

2017-04-11 18:39:56 UTC  

They get shit on a lot but they work, they have a lifetime warranty, and they're cheap.

2017-04-11 18:40:09 UTC  

Nugget ain't exactly a home defense gun

2017-04-11 18:40:19 UTC  


2017-04-11 18:40:52 UTC  

Even the hi point handguns work, they're just big and ugly.

2017-04-11 18:41:24 UTC  

I dunno, just saying highpoint puts a bad taste in my mouth.

2017-04-11 18:41:49 UTC  

When you're strapped for cash, that is honestly the best option in my opinion.

2017-04-11 18:41:55 UTC  

Gun go boom boom

2017-04-11 18:42:21 UTC  

You could get a makarov for a little bit more though.

2017-04-11 18:42:28 UTC  

Depends on your budget.

2017-04-11 18:43:55 UTC  

I've got an FL Selbstadler so I'm not super concerned with surp pistols.

2017-04-11 18:44:49 UTC  

That'd be an interesting gun to stop a home invasion with.

2017-04-11 18:45:38 UTC  

Yeah, but it's better than a nugget.

2017-04-11 18:46:16 UTC

2017-04-11 18:46:33 UTC  

7.65 is a pretty hot cartridge though, so I'd be a little nervous about over penetration.

2017-04-11 18:46:56 UTC  

It uses 7.65x25 right?

2017-04-11 18:49:06 UTC  

7.65 Browning so basically .32 acp

2017-04-11 18:49:36 UTC  

Or sorry, is .32 acp.

2017-04-11 18:49:50 UTC  

Oh, I'm mistaken then.

2017-04-11 18:50:08 UTC  

It's definitely not what anyone would consider a hot cartridge.

2017-04-11 18:50:55 UTC  

After the first 100 rounds the Hi-Point becomes an extremely ugly yet functionable gun

2017-04-11 18:52:27 UTC  

I have a pretty decent armament of improvised weaponry though. Possibly a lot more fun to stop a home invasion with.

2017-04-11 18:56:34 UTC  

I think I'd stick with the off brand FN