Message from Billy Ray Jenkins in Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery

2018-01-31 03:47:51 UTC  

guess he didnt know that his Grandpa after whom he is named

2018-01-31 03:47:54 UTC  

liked Hitler

2018-01-31 03:47:56 UTC  


2018-01-31 03:48:11 UTC  

These Kennedys are nothing but third rate whores

2018-01-31 03:48:26 UTC  

Spoiled faggot living off family royalties from running booze. Kill him

2018-01-31 03:49:36 UTC  

Lol nice lipstick

2018-01-31 03:50:46 UTC  

The democrats are on the run. They brought this retard to the screen.

2018-01-31 03:52:00 UTC  

rather funny how big trump daughter's smile was when they spoke of jerusalem / embassy

2018-01-31 03:53:32 UTC  

my great grandfather used to bootleg with joe kennedy

2018-01-31 03:55:39 UTC  

He should be saying your daughters are going to be soiled by the devil that I support. Punk

2018-01-31 03:57:07 UTC  

democrats ran out the door as soon as he said good night

2018-01-31 03:57:17 UTC  


2018-01-31 03:57:48 UTC  

ok so im watching on a delay

2018-01-31 03:57:58 UTC  

is this democratic respoonse the kennedy you were talking about?

2018-01-31 03:58:24 UTC  

heh its in a fucking garage

2018-01-31 03:58:47 UTC  

lol he's drooling out of both corners of his mouth

2018-01-31 03:58:49 UTC  

I tyurned it off

2018-01-31 03:58:55 UTC  

this guys an asshole

2018-01-31 03:59:14 UTC  

His family helped the Kikes outsource our jobs and brought Subhumans into our country

2018-01-31 03:59:15 UTC  

he's a poor speaker i can tell that already and he just started

2018-01-31 03:59:18 UTC  

all of them should X

2018-01-31 03:59:53 UTC  

Ron for real

2018-01-31 03:59:54 UTC

2018-01-31 03:59:58 UTC  


2018-01-31 03:59:59 UTC  

your grandpa knew Joe

2018-01-31 04:00:06 UTC  

yeah they bootlegged together

2018-01-31 04:00:08 UTC  

did he live up in boston

2018-01-31 04:00:10 UTC  


2018-01-31 04:00:11 UTC  

way back then

2018-01-31 04:00:50 UTC  

probably had something to do with supply chain

2018-01-31 04:00:52 UTC  

and it hink canada

2018-01-31 04:00:53 UTC  

A lot of the Whiskey sevred in Chicago Speakeasies came out of Ohio, notedly out of the Hocking River Valley

2018-01-31 04:01:01 UTC  

was canada under prohibition?

2018-01-31 04:01:11 UTC  

nope Canada was 100% legal eagle

2018-01-31 04:01:16 UTC  

well my great grandfather was a moonshiner

2018-01-31 04:01:21 UTC  

and then a bootlegger

2018-01-31 04:01:36 UTC  

and so was my grandfather, he was one of the first so-called "stock car drivers"

2018-01-31 04:01:41 UTC  

When Bobby back stabbed the mob eeeerrbody die lol

2018-01-31 04:01:43 UTC  

after prohibiion

2018-01-31 04:03:09 UTC  

they were from TN and KY originally before ohio

2018-01-31 04:03:19 UTC  

have you seen the people vs larry flynt movie