Message from Islamic Straight in The Donald #general

2020-01-18 06:39:28 UTC  

hey sharks fan

2020-01-18 06:40:01 UTC  

didn't....didn't he come from winnipeg?

2020-01-18 06:40:06 UTC  

y u hatin

2020-01-18 06:40:13 UTC  

Winnipeg hates him

2020-01-18 06:40:24 UTC  

thought yall were just bitter that he left or something

2020-01-18 06:40:26 UTC  

idk the history

2020-01-18 06:40:36 UTC  

@Islamic Straight London was great. We have a big clock don't get jelly

2020-01-18 06:40:39 UTC  


2020-01-18 06:40:58 UTC  

nah, he left cause the team hated him.

2020-01-18 06:41:27 UTC  


2020-01-18 06:41:48 UTC  

You surrendered yourselves to people you once enslaved, we have a big cock don't get jelly

2020-01-18 06:41:55 UTC  


2020-01-18 06:42:16 UTC  

We also freed them.maybe they free us soon

2020-01-18 06:42:26 UTC  


2020-01-18 06:43:04 UTC  

@SharksGrill Having said that, I bumped into him twice and he was quite pleasant.

2020-01-18 06:43:38 UTC  

Really tho. Fuck London

2020-01-18 06:43:39 UTC  

that's good to hear. seems like a mixed bag with the guys, usually they're nice but theres a few that are YUGE jerks IRL

2020-01-18 06:43:58 UTC  

Its not English anymore

2020-01-18 06:44:19 UTC  

ya, same thing with every team.

2020-01-18 06:44:44 UTC  

The bad thing about Winnipeg is that it's a very small place. You see them everywhere.

2020-01-18 06:45:17 UTC  

Don't take me wrong mate but now that Boris will sell NHS to Trump in the trade deal y'all might want to get some dental care

2020-01-18 06:45:47 UTC  

how is that bad? i think that's cool lol

2020-01-18 06:45:49 UTC  

Met a British chick, cute as hell but you better hope she doesn't smile to you

2020-01-18 06:45:51 UTC  

Funny thing is. Free heath care covers dental

2020-01-18 06:46:00 UTC  

Yet people are lazy to use it

2020-01-18 06:46:03 UTC  


2020-01-18 06:46:49 UTC  

@SharksGrill I guess it's bad for the players. I still get excited seeing them, but I won't approach them anymore.

2020-01-18 06:47:11 UTC  

To busy working or praying in mosques

2020-01-18 06:47:43 UTC  

yeah, understandable. @Weston i almost feel bad for them when people go up to them in public and stuff like that.

2020-01-18 06:48:31 UTC  

me too. almost.

2020-01-18 08:56:10 UTC  

London is a fucking shithole

2020-01-18 08:57:40 UTC  


2020-01-18 09:07:26 UTC  

um hi guys

2020-01-18 09:07:29 UTC  

i have some questions

2020-01-18 09:07:33 UTC  

im new

2020-01-18 09:08:56 UTC  


2020-01-18 09:11:02 UTC  

1. ill preface this by saying that im a sanders supporter but ive been very disillusioned with the democratic party in general for quite some time and their bs focus on stuff like fake misogyny accusations and blah blah all that stuff. i don't really have any political place to go to - ive identified as a communist for quite some time, but only because i felt that it described my values most closely (and i would much rather have values i believe in than get a label)

2020-01-18 09:11:20 UTC  

for more context, ive always been anti-establishment

2020-01-18 09:11:26 UTC  

which explains the appeal of 45 to me

2020-01-18 09:11:47 UTC  

Ah USA stuff. I don't follow it alot

2020-01-18 09:13:39 UTC  

yeah it's more about ideology i suppose - ive never explored the right wing strongly, and recent circumstances have left me very disenchanted and hopeless with the world. i would say that thanks to my extreme leftism I recognize a lot of the right's ideas - the media being fucking stupid today, gun rights (im all for 2A) but fighting with the left has been a hopeless upward battle